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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
AAC-AVREQUEST Event Request and AV support
AAC-AVSERVICES Event AV support across campus
AAC-DCS AAC Digital Conversion Services
AAC-DMC Digital Media Center at the AAC
AAC-PHOTOGRAPHY Campus-Wide Photography
AAC-PRODUCTION AAC Video Production Information
Aac-sc AAC Sustainability Committee
Aac-services AAC Services Group
aac-studyrooms For questions about AAC study rooms.
Aacstaff-l Communication with staff based at AAC
Aact-lab automaticity affect control thought
Ab-connect AHSS AB connect list
Ab-dev AHSS Advisory Board Dev
Ab-student AHSS AB student list
Abroad-leaders DU Study Abroad Regional Group Leaders
Ac-tss Library A/V and Media Production
Acad-resources Academic Resources, Student Life
Academic-budget For academic budget officers
Academic-mamas DU faculty and staff who are mothers
Access-l University Libraries Access Services
Access-sup For Access Supervisors communication
Accesssup-l List for Access Services Supervisors
Ace-atdu aceatdu listserv
Acq-l Penrose Library Acquisitions Dept
Acs-l American Constitution Society
Adelman-l Dr. Jonathan Adelman's updates
Adi-ambassadors Alumni Discovery program
Adjfac-fac For sending Interterm Session Info
Admasst-ahss Admin.Asst to Chairs
ADR-dulaw Email list for the ADR Society
Adv-dailypulse Distribution of Daily Pulse newsletter
Adv-torts Law--Advanced Torts--Russell
Advisfriends-l Advising Colleagues included on email
Advising-l Advising Staff emails
AdvReports-ao Report distribution to Alumni Officers
AdvReports-drp Used to distribute DRP reports
Aeb-athletics Athletic Executive Board Members
Aed_2002 Alpha Epsilon Delta Communication
Africa-today Research and education on Africa
Agora-l The Rhetorical Studies Colloquium
Ah-jobs School of Art art history jobs
Ahss-aboard AHSS Advisory Board Mailing List
Ahss-chairs AHSS Chairs and Directors
Ahss-deanoffice AHSS Dean's Office staff
AHSS-faculty AHSS Faculty Including D&D
Ahss-graddepts Faculty/staff of AHSS grad programs
Ahss-sac AHSS Student Advisory Council
Ahss-staff AH/SS Staff
Ahss-temfaculty Adjuncts and D&D
Ahss-uts AHSS and UTS Tech Committee
Ahss-web Departmental Webpage Owners
Ahsschairs-only For chairs & directors
Ahssfaculty-1 AHSS Faculty List - Dean's Office
Ahum-chairs Arts & Humanities Chairs
Ahum-fac Arts and Humanities Faculty List
Ahum-pt Arts & Humanities P & T Committee
aids_awareness HIV/AIDS Awareness Committee
Aiesec-denver AIESEC Denver Listserv
Aim-general General info for AIM members
Ais-finance AIS Finance Team Mailing List
Akpsi-1 Communication for AKPsi Members
Alarm-techs Campus Safety Alarm Techs
Ald-2011 ALD members
Ald-all ALD Members
Ald2010rcruit-l [no description available]
Alh-russell American Legal History--Part II.
Alpha-gam alpha gamma delta information
Alphaphi-iotaxi Alpha Phi- Iota Xi Chapter
alpine-team DU Alpine Ski Team List
Alum-lgbtiq DU Pride
Alumni-leaders Alumni chapter leaders
Alumni-listserv Alumni Newsletter - Internal use only - non-alumni Subscriptions
Alumni_coors Alumni of University of Denver-Coors
Amache-1 Public Announcements DU Amache Project
Ambassadors-l Daniels Ambassadors Mailing List
Ameri-corps Americorps Correspondence
Americorps-mem AmeriCorps Members
amnesty-intl Amnesty International
Amsrmc-l Discuss music amongst chapter members
Anime-club The DU Anime Club
Annualgive-dcb Annual Giving at Daniels Col. of Bus.
Anth-facstaff mailings to ANTH faculty and staff
Anth-ma Anthropology MA students
Anth-majors For Anthropology Undergraduate Majors
Aoc-list Email List of staff to receive reports
APA-D12S6 APA Div 12, Section VI Member Listerv
Aphi-newmembers New Member listserv for Alpha Phi
Apts-Office DU Apartments' Office
Aqua-dt Academic Quality Development
Aqua_holics Masters Swim Team Newsletter
Ar-digi Athletics Recreation Digitization Proj
Arboretum-l Interest In University Arboretum
Arch-proc Archives Processing at Penrose Library
Archives-l Special Collections and Archives research and reference
Arrow-pipeline For students in the Arrow Pipeline
Art-jobs Studio Art jobs
Arti-dept ARTI Department Mailing List
Arti-info ARTI Marketing
Asa-du Arab Student Association at DU
Asa-members Contact members about news and events
Asia-studies Faculty teach Asia studies major/minor
Athl-advising Athletics Advisors
Ausa-boc This is for the AUSA BOC Committee
Ausa-diversity Diversity Committee; AUSA Senate.
Ausa-exec This is for the AUSA Executive Board
Ausa-finance This is for the AUSA Finance Committee
Ausa-senaffairs This is for the AUSA Senate Affairs
AUSA-Senate All Undergraduate Student Association Senate
Ausa-soc AUSA Student Orgs Committee
Ausa-webwork This is the mailing list for AUSA Web
Av-services Mailing List for the A/V Services
Avocent-l UTS Avocent Admin List
Awm-chapter AWM student chapter
Aww-1 Communicate with group members.
B-gclub Board Game Club
Banner-admit Banner Admissions Work Team
Banner_accessdu DU Banner Views and MS Access
BAP-W14 BAP Pledges starting in Winter 2014
Bapfaculty-l Beta Alpha Psi Faculty list
BAPfirms-l Beta Alpha Psi Firms list
BAPmembers-l Beta Alpha Psi Members list
Bappledges-l For the Beta Alpha Psi pledges
Bb-fac Blackboard Faculty List
Bb-outages List for Blackboard Planned Outages
Be-thechange Be The Change volunteer opportunities
Beans-afterdark Weekly Email List
Belay-l Belay Students
Bels-society Business Ethics and Legal Studies
Beta-buddies Communication within Beta Buddies
Better-trades Investment Group Collaboration
Bia-adjuncts BIA Adjuncts
Bia-advisorybd BIA Advisory Board
Bia-community Friends of BIA for Announcements
Bia-major BIA undergraduate majors
Bia-minor BIA undergraduate minors
Bia-ms BIA MSBA students
Bia-msalum BIA MSBA students who have graduated
Big-event Communication for Big Event Planners
Bio-science All Biology Majors
Birthday-party Birthday Parties
Black-Faculty African American faculty members
Black-grad communication with black grad students
Black-staff African American staff members at DU
Boettcher-2 Listserve for Boettcher alumni/ae.
Boettcher_1 Boettcher Scholars List-serv
Bologna-all All attendees: Bologna Conference
Bologna-con Bologna Conference
Book-group A closed book discussion group.
Border-security [no description available]
Botsac-l BOT Student Affairs Committee
Bridge-Project Bridge Project
Bridge-tech Bridge Project Technology Group
Bsa-org Black Student Alliance
Bsba-ib communication with students
Budget-ops Univ info for all Budget Officers
Burns-nahb Used for NAHB community.
Busserv-comm Business Services announcements
Busserv-survey Business Services surveys
C-cure notify technicians of issues w C-Cure
Cairmgrs-l UTS Managers' List
Cairstaff-l UTS Staff Mailing List
cal-managers Info for managers
Campus-climate Campus Climate Council
Campus-safety Campus Safety web email
Canvas-sys Admins for Canvas LMS
Capsa-events CAPSA Event Updates
Capsa-members CAPSA E-Mail List
Career-services Career Services, Student Life
Carrels-l Research Carrels at the AAC
Cathie-1i 1
CCC-l Campus Crusade Mailing list
Ccce-seminar List for 6 CCCE seminar students
Ccesl-general Information about CCESL events & news
Ccesl-students Current CCESL students
Ccure-access C-Cure Access Coordinator email list
Ce-llc2015 CE_LLC 2015-2106 students
Cece-project Provide updates on the CECE Model
Cellc-2008 CELLC 2008-2009 student listserv
Cellc-2010 Creativity and Entrepreneurship LLC
Cellc-2011 Creativity and Entrepreneurship LLC
Cellc-2012 Creativity and Entrprepreneurship LLC
Cellc2013-2014 Members of the CELLC 2013-2014
Cellc2014-2014 Students in the C&E LLC
Cellc2014-2015 News/info for students in the CELLC
Cellc2015-2016 CELLC 15-16
Cellc2016-2017 Members of the CELLC 2016-2017
Ces-castaff ces ca staff
Ces-central ces central staff
Cfr-rockymtn CFR officers in Rocky Mtn region
CFSP-Alumni CFSP Alumni & Friends
Cfsp-phd phd students in the cfsp program
Cfsp_students CFSP Program Student Communication
Cghd-du CGHD
Cgs-info Inquiry about RMCCGS lab
Chad-writing Weekly in house writing group.
Chadlab-2 Child Health and Development Lab
Chadlab-list Child Health & Development Lab Members
Challenge-1864 Sesquicentennial Service Challenge
Chambers-all CWC building (Chambers Center) Info
Charleslamb-l List for Writing Program staff
Chem-gradlist Chemistry graduate student email list
Chi-omega Sorority Listserv
China-journal Journal of Contemporary China
Chiphi-parents To keep chapter parents up to date
Circ-assist Main Library Circulation Assistants
Cl-advisory Collaborative Librarianship Adv. Board
Clarion-editor The editors of the DU Clarion
Clarion-Legacy The Clarion Legacy Board List Serve
Clarion-photo DU Clarion photographers
Clarion-staff DU Clarion staff writers/photographers
Classof-2017 Class of 2017
Classof-2018 Communication with Class of 2018
Classof-2019 communication with the class of 2019
Classrm-support Support for general classroom space
Clie-l CLIE Communications
Climate-rally Planning committee for climate rally.
Clr-l Criminal Law Review
Club-baseball DU's Club Baseball Team
Club-climbing To contact Club Climbing Memebers
Club-curling Club-Curling
Club-cycling Club-Cycling
Club-danceteam Club-DanceTeam
Club-equestrian Club-Equestrian
Club-figskating Club-Figure Skating
Club-fishing Du Fishing Club
Club-fldhockey Club-FieldHockey
Club-golf Club Golf
Club-gymnastics Club Gymnastics
Club-h2opolo Club Water Polo
Club-hockey Men's Club Hockey Email List
Club-inlinehcky Club Inline Hockey
Club-Italia Club Italia
Club-Kayak Kayak Club
Club-kungfu Club Shao Lin Kung Fu
Club-mbball [no description available]
Club-micehockey Club Men's Ice Hockey
club-mlacrosse [no description available]
Club-mrugby Club Men's Rugby
Club-msoccer Club Men's Soccer
Club-racqball Club Racquetball
Club-rugby University of Denver Rugby Football Club Contact List
Club-running Club Running
Club-skiteam Club Ski Team
Club-snowboard Club Snowboard
Club-softball This is for members of club softball
Club-taekwondo Club Taekwondo
club-tennis DU Club Tennis
Club-tkd [no description available]
Club-ultfrisbee Club Ultimate Frisbee
Club-volleyball Club Volleyball
Club-waterpolo DU Club Waterpolo
Club-wbball Club Women's Basketball
Club-wicehockey Club Women's Ice Hockey
Club-wlacrosse Club Women's Lacrosse
Club-wsoccer Club Women's Soccer
club_sports Club Sports Correspondence
Clubpub-l Psych Grad Student Publishing Group
Cmba-alumni CMBA Alumni
Cmba-students Current CMBA Students
Cme-forward FORWARD facilitators listserv
cme-grads DU Graduate Students of Color
Cme-staff Communication for Staff of CME
Cnp-alumni Counseling Psychology Alumni.
Cnpadjuncts-l Counseling Psychology Adjuncts
CNPprogram-L Counseling Psychology Program
Coach-educator Coach-Educator listserv at University of Denver
Coaches05-06 Coaches for Community of Excellence
Coca-l Communication for CO Campus Alliance.
Coe-2008 Community of Excellence 2007-2008
COE2008-09 Communication for 2008-09 COE students
Coecoaches07-08 list serve for COE coaches
Coesa-l COESA Executive Board Communication
Cohort53-south Cohort 53 South Study Team Mail List
Coleads-cmte Plannning committee for COLEADS summit
Colldev-l collection mgmt issues at the University of Denver Libraries
Colo-admins Collocation Administrators Requests
Colo-geography Colorado Geographic Alliance
Colo-tenants Communications to UTS colocation tenants.
Community-wc The DU Community Writing Center
Comn-alumni Communication Studies Alumni
Comn-cont Communication Studies Grad Students
Comn-faculty Department of Communication Studies Faculty List
Comn-gti Comm Studies GTI Listserve
Con-res Conflict Resolution Program for M.A.
Conflict-res Discussion of Conflict Resolution
Connect-admin Adobe Connect Pro administration
contact-AACT All inquiries to DU AACT lab
contact-MoCC All inquiries to the MoCC lab
Controllers-ofc Conrollers Office web email
Conv-request Use email attachment for your event
Cooking-Club Communication for Cooking Club
Copes-lab Allow e-mail within the Lab Group
Copier_paper Central Stores Ordering
Cops-l UTS Facilities Personnel
Cord-news CORD News and Information
Costa_rica2003 International Studies Costa Rica 2003
Costarica-2008 Costa Rica Study Abroad 2008
CostaRica-2009 [no description available]
CostaRica-2010 Study Abroad Costa Rica Email List
CP-Alumni Alumni and Friends of Counseling Psych
Cpmastudents-l CP MA students and faculty
Cpphdstudents-l CP PhD students and faculty
cr-gsa Con Res Graduate Student Association
Crims-creature Crimson Creature members
Crimson-l Campus Life & I.E. Directors
Critical-theory Critical Theory
Csf-du Catholic Student Fellowship at DU
Csf-leaders Students Leaders of CSF
Cst-l Curriculum Studies & Teaching Program
Ctir-local Local Teachers
Ctir-news News from CTIR
Ctir-press CTIR Press
Ctir_colo Colorado Teachers
Ctl-2 CTL Information
Ctl-l CTL Information and Opportunities
Cui1gifted-edd Students in the C&I Gifted EdD program
Curr-instalumni Alumni of C&I
Curr-Instr Curriculum and Instruction
Curr-instructn Students in Curriculum & Instruction
Cw-club Creative Writing club
Cw-newsletter Colorado Child Welfare Newsletter
Cwc-currentstu Students currently attending CWC
Cwc-faculty All CWC Faculty
Cwc-qtrfac Current Quarter CWC Faculty
Cwc-staffappfac Staff and Appointed Faculty of CWC
Cwc-workstudy Student workers at CWC
Cwcalumnae-all All CWC and TWC Alumnae
CWLC-employees To send information to CWLC users
CWLC-general To send information to CWLC users
CWLC-newsletter CWLC Newsletter
Cycling-alumni Communication for Club Cycling Alumni
Cycling-club Communication for DU Club Cycling
Cycling-race Communication for Racing Cyclists
Cyling-sponsors Communication w/ Club Cycling Sponsors
DA-Nelson [no description available]
Daniels-adjunct Daniels Adjunct Faculty Mailing List
Daniels-bgs Daniels faculty who are members of BGS
Daniels-CEM Customer Experience Marketing team
Daniels-chairs Daniels chairs
daniels-cpc Daniels Graduate Career Services mailing list
Daniels-CS Suitts Taylor Knoebel DCS
Daniels-events rifkin center for student services
Daniels-faculty Daniels' Faculty Mailing List
Daniels-fund Open to all Daniels Fund Scholars
Daniels-GBSA Communication List for GBSA at Daniels
Daniels-gd [no description available]
Daniels-intlgr Daniels International Graduates
Daniels-leaders For Daniels Student Leaders
Daniels-learn Daniels Learning Initiative Committee
Daniels-mgteam Daniels Management Team
Daniels-nastaff Daniels Non-Appointed Staff List
Daniels-ocm Daniels OCM Communications
Daniels-rrc Daniels Reputational Relationship Com.
Daniels-smc Sports Management Commission
Daniels-staff Daniels' Staff Mailing List
Daniels-techc Daniels Technology Committee
Daniels-test Daniels Test Mailing List
Datacomm-l UTS Telecomm Services Email List
Datatel-l UTS Telecommunications
Dcb-eia graduate entrepreneurship club
Dcb-itec ITEC Graduate Business Students
Dcb_soa School of Accountancy inquiries
Dcsg-l Daniels Consulting and Strategy Group
Ddd-babies Tri Delta's new members.
Ddd-house girls living in the house & advisors
Ddd-newmembers New members of Tri Delta
Ddd-officers tri-delta officers and advisers
Ddd-parents Communication with Tri Delta parents
Delta-gamma Communication within Delta Gamma
Delta-zeta Communication within Delta Zeta Sorority
Delta-zetanm Communications with Delta Zeta New Members
Deltagamma-cmt Email for Delta Gamma leadership
Democratic-indv Democratic Individuality Blog
Denver-andros for those in andros; a subset of Cru
Denver-cfr Denver Council on Foreign Relations
Denver-cheer Denver Cheer communications
Denver-intl-pro Denver International Program
Denver-polisci Political Science Major List
Denvermba-2016 Denver MBA List Serve
Denvermba-2018 Cohort list for the Denver MBA 2018
Denverwiis-l Denver Women in International Security
Departures Departures events communication
Des-test [no description available]
Dg-newmember List serve for Delta Gamma new members
Dgwib-dcb Daniels Graduate Women in Business
Dig-commons Digital Comons List
Dig-pioneers Digital Pioneers oral history project
Digital-gspp GSPP Capstone and Masters
Digital-media Questions about Digital Media Center
Dis-claimer independent, student-run newspaper
Disability-info info requests for DSP
Dissgroup07-l WRC's dissertation reading group
Distance-ed Distance classes
Distinction-l departmental distinction contacts
Div-ambassadors Undergraduate Diversity Ambassadors
Diverse-officer Diversity Officers Consortium
Dlteam-l Divisional Leadership Team
Dm-webdesign Digital Media Website Design
Dmba-2018 Denver MBA Class of 2018 list-serve
Dmba-calendar For DMBA staff that use the calendar
Dms2010-11 DMS Prospective Student Mailing
Dms2011-12 DMS Prospective Student Mailing
Dms_faculty Discussion between DMS Faculty
Dmsalum-1 DMS undergraduate and grad alums
Dmsgrad-1 DMS grad students
Dmsugrad-1 DMS undergrad majors
Dps-l Digital Production Services business
Dstplan-2011 Planners for the Sci-Tech Div. of SLA
Du-2ndyrparents DU Second Year Parents
DU-Advancement The full DU Advancement team
Du-advisors Advising Issues at DU
Du-ald Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society list
Du-allc Appreciative Learning Circle List
DU-Alpine-Club DU Alpine Club Updates and Info
DU-Ambassadors Student Foundation - Student Trustees
Du-AnthroEvents [no description available]
Du-asianalumni DU Asian Alumni Affinity Group
Du-avconsortium a listserv for DU-AV Consortium
Du-bamsa DU BAMSA List Serv
Du-blackalumni DU Black Alumni Affinity Group
Du-bomgarusers Communication among Bomgar users
DU-CAC Colleges Against Cancer
Du-careercntr Career Center staff communication
Du-careersvcs Campus Career Services Information
Du-caro DU Graduate Admissions Contacts
Du-catv Cable Television @ DU
Du-chapadvisors Communication with Chapter advisors
Du-cki Weekly Community Service Postings
Du-clarion The Clarion is the student newspaper
Du-clublax DU men's club lacrosse
Du-clubskiteam ListServe for the DU Club Ski Team
Du-cru For those involved with Cru
DU-Curling DU Curling Club Email List
DU-Cycling Communication for DU Club Cycling
Du-deans This list is for the deans of DU.
Du-debate DU Debate
Du-debateunion DU debate team
Du-dems An email list for DU Democrats
Du-departures Departures events communication
Du-deptadmin Notify reseach admin and contacts
Du-dfscholars Email for Daniels Fund Scholars at DU
Du-directory Telephone directory updates
Du-dmoc Digital Media Outreach Center
Du-dsp Delta Sigma Pi Mailing List
Du-dti Department Information Contact
Du-eirb Human Research Compliance ERI
DU-ELI Communication for all ELI students
DU-EMS Emailing list for DU EMS
DU-ET DU Environmental Team
Du-ethics NUBC conference contact list
Du-events DU Weekly Events Listserv
Du-experts maintain experts info
Du-facultylist Faculty List: For Senate Business Only
Du-familia DU Latina/o Community Communication
Du-flyfishing DU Fly Fishing Club
Du-foca Faculty of Color Association
Du-francoscope DU French club
Du-freethinkers DU Spiritual Freethinkers listserv
Du-fyparents07 An email list for First Year Parents
Du-green For all things environmental at DU!
Du-hah Happy & Healthy DU group
Du-hcb Communication with House Boards
Du-health DU Student Health Newsletter
Du-iacuc Animal Research Compliance Listserv
Du-ibc Biological Research Compliance
Du-ibcmc [no description available]
Du-idt DU Instructional Design/Tech
Du-iecollective To connect IE Collective with IE news
Du-iefellows Listserv for IE fellows program
Du-ifcrecruit [no description available]
Du-iic Invisible Illness Club communication
Du-immigreform Getting Students involved in the Immigration Reform Movement
DU-iModules DU iModules User Community
Du-indigenous DU Indigenous Alumni Affinity Group
Du-interfaith DU-related, interfaith community group
Du-interns Discoveries Orientation Interns
Du-intladmit intl ugrad admitted-student newsletter
Du-intlconfirm intl ugrad depd-student newsletter
Du-ipls Intellectual Property Law Society
DU-IRISE Listserve for IRISE subscribers
DU-ISO International Student Organization
Du-iti e-mail for DTI feedback
Du-jiminy Jiminy Wicket announcements
Du-jsa Japanese Student Association
Du-kayaking DU Kayaking Club
DU-Knewisbok DU Knewisbok (Yearbook) List-Serv
DU-LASA Latin American Studies Association
Du-latinoalumni DU Latino Alumni Affinity Group
DU-latinocenter Listserv for The DU Latino Center
Du-managers Discussion list for DU managers
Du-mathematica Mathematica Users Group
DU-Medlife Listserv for DU's MEDLIFE
Du-merchandise DU Athletics & Recreation Merchandise
Du-military DU member with prior military service
Du-mocktrial DU Mock Trial Team Members
DU-MSA Muslim Student Association
Du-mun [no description available]
DU-NetImpact Net Impact Chapter List
du-nsa Native Student Alliance
Du-nsf NSF Proposal Guide
Du-Obama DU Students for Barack Obama
Du-opag Online Program Administration Group
Du-orientation Communication for Orientation Leaders
Du-osp Sponsored Programs Notices
Du-outages Technology Outages at DU
Du-outreach DU Outreach/Drive Committee
DU-Parkour DU Parkour and Freerunning Club
Du-pda PDA user group
DU-PepBand Pioneer Pep Band Listserv
Du-pi Principal Investigators
Du-pisigmaalpha Information from Pi Sigma Alpha
Du-pmc DU Peacemaking Circle participants
Du-printadmins Notification for Local Printer Admins
Du-printers UTS Mailing List for Public Printers
Du-programs DUPB 2011-2012 Members
Du-progressive Progressive Clubs
Du-pta Pioneer Transfer Alliance
Du-racecycling Members of DU Club Cycling Race Team
Du-racquetball Communication for Club Racquetball
Du-recruiting Email for our recruitiers in HR
Du-recruitment Panhellenic Recruitment
Du-research AP Research information exchange
DU-Retirees Retired University Personnel
DU-RHA Residence Hall Association
DU-RMRDCwrkgrp Researchers interested in the RMRDC
du-roosevelt List for DU Roosevelt Institute
Du-Running DU Club Running Email List
Du-score The Society for Conflict Resolution
Du-senior Seniors
Du-seniors Discussion for current Seniors
Du-service Serving the community beyond DU
Du-signs Support for digital signs and Four Winds Interactive
Du-skiteam E-Newsletter DU Ski Team
DU-Snowboard DU Snowboard Club
DU-SOCA Staff of Color Association
Du-sophomores Communication with the sophomore class
Du-sotl Scholarship of Teaching & Learning FLC
Du-spa DU Student Peace Alliance
DU-SPS DU Society of Physics Students
Du-ssla List of the members of the SSLA
Du-stata Stata users @ DU list
Du-statusstudy Status Study Group Members
Du-summit A communication tool for registrants
Du-swan Communication among SWAN members
Du-talk Student-run facilitation program
Du-tappers Connecting all members of DU Tappers.
Du-teaching Discuss & share ideas about teaching
Du-teleconf Conference call information
DU-Theatre DU's Theatre Department
Du-tolc Teaching Online Learning Community
Du-tranadmit intl trans admitted student newsletter
Du-tranconfirm intl-tran depd student newsletter
Du-triathlon Listserv for the DU Triathlon Club
Du-tv Listserve for members of DUTV
Du-ucan Communication among UCOL alumni
Du-ucomm University Communications
Du-usg Undergraduate Student Government
DU-Volunteers Inform Members About Future Events
DU-VSA Vietnamese Student Association
Du-website DU website feedback and inquiries
Du-women Professional development
Du4wi-users 4 Winds Interactive Digital Sign Users
Du_grads All Graduate Students on the DU Campus
Du_running Club Sports, DU_Running Club
Du_search SEARCH Information
Duac-l DU actuarial club
Duac-officers Alpine Club officer core list serve
Duart-board The DU ART! Board of Directors
Ducheer10-11 2010-11 Cheerleading Members
Duck-f DU Comedians Kccccch's network
Duclarion-news DU Clarion's Weekly Newsletter
Ducr-community To inform the community
Ducr-list DU College Republicans Listserv
Dufaculty-staff DU Faculty and Staff
Duglobal-amb DU Global Ambassadors
Dugs-team DU Grilling Society (DUGS)
Duia-l DU Interfaith Advocates
Duit-fye DU Involvement Team Quick Questions
Dulaw-crls Construction and Real Estate Law Society
DULaw-Dems E-mail list for the DU Law Dems
Dulib-govdocs Penrose Library Government Documents
Dumcr-l Metro CareRing participants
Duor-l DU Off-Road Team communications
Dupb-directors DUPB Exec and Co-directors
Dupb-films DUPB Films Co-Directors Mailing List
Dupb-ups University Programming Support Com.
Dupont-bid List for DuPont Room Bid
Durc-l DU Religious Council discussions
Dusc-govt Communications for the DUSC govt
Dusc-listserve member of D.U. Senior Connect
DUSC-Volunteer DU Service & Change Updates
Dusps-exec Executive Team for SPS
Dustaff-news News of interest to DU staff members
Duyh-list List of all youth hockey participants
Duyh-mail DU Jr. Prioneers Hockey mailing list
Dz-house Delta Zeta in house list serv
Dz-newmembers New Members of Delta Zeta
Dz-newmembers1 Delta Zeta's New Member Class
Dz-parents Communication with Delta Zeta parents
Eallc-2000 EALLC Mail List
Eallc-2006 Envrionmental Awareness LLC 2006
Eallc-2007 Connect all EALLC 2007 members
Eallc-2008 Environmental Awareness LLC 2008
Ebms-users Ungerboeck EBMS Users
Ebooks-l survey of e-books usage
Ece-dept ECE Department Mailing List
Ece-fac ECE Faculty Mailing List
Ece-grads ECE Grad Students
Econ-alumni Alumni of the Economics Department
Econ-faculty Econ Faculty list-serv
Econ-fstgrad first year grad list serve
Econ-ma Communicate with MA Graduate Students
Econ-majors Economics Majors Information
Econadvisor-cn Christine Ngo's advising list
Econadvisor-cp Professor Chiara's advising list
Econadvisor-jcl Economic advising list serve
Econadvisor-ms Prof. Markus Schneider's Advising List
Econadvisor-ph Prof. Ho Advisor List
Econadvisor-ru Prof. Urquhart Advisor List
Econadvisor-tm Prof. Mott Advisor List
Econadvisor-yy Dept. of Economics
Ecse-morgridge Students in the ECSE program at MCE
Edl-alumni EDL Alumni List
Edl-current EDL Current Students
Edp-adjunct EDP adjunct faculty discussions
Edp-alumni Updates for DMS, eMAD, and EDP alumni
Edp-community News and updates for the extended EDP community
Edp-faculty EDP faculty discussions
Edp-grad Mailinglist for EDP graduate students
Edp-guests C-cubed events
edp-localalumni A listserv to reach out to CO alumni
Edp-minors EDP minors
Edp-prospgrad Prospective Graduate Listserv
Edp-ugrad Mailinglist for EDP students
Edp2013-14 EDP Prospective Student mailing list
Eec-parents parent e-mail distribution
ELC-l ELC Communications
Elevate-support DU Elevate Support notifications
ELI-2007 Excelling Leaders 2007-2008
Eli-2013 communication for the 2013 ELI class
Eli-2014 For members of the 2014 ELI class
Eli-2015 ELI Class of 2015
Eli-2016 List for 2016 ELI members
ELI-Alumni Connect ELI graduates to ELI resources
ELPS-Alumni Ed Leadership and Policy Studies
ELPS-Community ELPS Community and Partners
ELPS-CurrRitch Current members of Ritchie Program
Elps-edd Doctoral papers for ELPS
Elps-Ritchie Alumni of the Ritchie program
ELPS-RitchPrin Ritchie Principals
ELPS-Students Listserv to/for ELPS current students
Emba-46 Executive MBA Class 46 mailing list
Emba-47 Communication to EMBA Class 47
Emba-48 Communication with EMBA Class 48
Emba-49 Communication with EMBA Class 49
Emba-50 Communication with EMBA Class 50
Emba-51 Communication with EMBA Class 51
Emba-52 Communication with EMBA Class 52
Emba-53 Communication with EMBA Class 53
Emba-54 Communication with EMBA Class 54
Emba-55 Communication with EMBA Class 55
Emba-56 Communication with EMBA Class 56
Emba-57 Communication with EMBA Class 57
Emba-58 Communication with EMBA Class 58
Emba-59 Communication with EMBA Class 59
Emba-60 Communication with EMBA Class 60
Emba-61 Communication with EMBA Class 61
Emba-62 Communication wth EMBA Class 62
Emba-63 Communication with EMBA Class 63
Emba-64 Communication with EMBA Class 64
Emba-65 Communication with EMBA Class 65
Emba-66 Communication with EMBA Class 66
Emba-67 Communication with EMBA Class 67
Emba-68 Communication with EMBA Class 68
Emba-69 Communication with EMBA 69 Cohort
EMBA-AlumniReps For EMBA Alumni event planning
Emba-fac Connects EMBA faculty members.
Emba-faculty Communication to EMBA Faculty & Staff
Emba59-students For students of EMBA cohort only
Emba_42 For EMBA Class 42 communication
Emba_43 Communication with EMBA Class 43
Emba_44 Use by EMBA Class 44 students/faculty
Emba_45 Executive MBA Class 45 mailing list
Employment-rec Recreation Employment
Empoutreach-l Employer Outreach Working Group
Eng-grad1 English graduates in their 1st year
Eng-grad2 2nd year English grad students
Eng-grad3 3rd yr. English grad students
Eng-grad4plus [no description available]
Engage-list List for staff, students and workers
Engl-info a list to process info requests
English-grads list of English graduate students
English-ma List of the MA graduate students
English-ma1 [no description available]
English-ma2 List to email 2nd year MA in English
Englishfac-l english
Englishmaj-l english undergraduate majors
Englishret-l Department of English retirees
Engr-fac Engineering Faculty
Engr-grads Ritchie School Engineering grads
Engr-ugrads Ritchie School Engineering Undergrads
Envi-info Environmental Science Contacts
Eo-employee Employee Discrimination Email
Eo-student Student discrimination email
Ereserves-l Penrose Library Electronic Reserves
Eresources-l University Libraries E-Resources Group
Es-clone List of clone testers
Esea-design ESEA Design Team
Esea-leadteam ESEA leadership team
Esllc-2009 Environmental Sustainability LLC 09
Esllc-2010 Communication for ESLLC 2010
Esllc-2011 Communications of the ESLLC 2011
Esllc-2012 Communications of the ESLLC 2012
Esllc-2013 Communications of the ESLLC 2013
Esllc-2014 Official mailings for ESLLC 2014-2015
Esllc-2015 Official mailings for ESLLC 2015-2016
Esllc-2016 Official mailings for ESLLC 2016-2017
Excellence-08 [no description available]
Excellence-09 [no description available]
Excellence-10 Community of Excellence Scholars 2010
F-sem First-Year Seminar Instructors & Admin
Fa-graddepts Office of Financial Aid Departmental Communications
Fac-hvac HVAC BAS Alarm Notification
Faccom-ahss Faculty Committee Members
Facilities-mgmt Facilities Mgmt web email
Facsenate-prev Previous year Faculty Senate listserv
Facsurvey-1 DU Facilities Sightlines Survey
Faculty-senate Contact to all faculty senate members
Faithreligion-l Interfaith Student Alliance
FBG-l Jr. Fac. Research and Writing Group
FCC_Core Faculty Core Committee
Fcn-lab All FCN Lab Personnel
Fe-instructors First-Year English Instructors
Feedback-lib Feedback on Anderson Academic Commons
Festofnations-l Festival of Nations Planning Board
Fiap-jksis FIAP is an Admin student org at JKSIS
Film-ug Film Studies & Production majors
Fire-up Staff Spirit
First_robot DU's FIRST Robotics Competition team
Firstyear-2011 First years for academic year 2011-12
Fitness2-l [no description available]
Fmri-meet fMRI meeting attendees
Fmri-pis PIs who use fMRI in their lab
Focus-members Information about FOCUS events.
Foodrecovery-l Food Recovery at DU updates
Fractal-list FRACTAL workshop
Fraternity-pres Fraternity Presidents
Fsdu-health DU Faculty and Staff Health Newsletter
Fsem2010-l First-Year Seminar Instructors & Admin 2010
Fulfac-langlit Dept. of Languages and Literatures
Fusion-l Collaborating Christians on campus
Fwtf-4 Facuty Work Task Force
Fye-mentors Disc leaders year-long mentor prog
Fysem-04 First Year Seminar Instructors Fall 04
Ga-list Global Ambassadors at DU Events
Gab-i Post GAB Events
Gamma-phi Gamma Phi Beta- a Greek organization
Gardens-du Communication for the DU Gardens
Gc-security Global Colorado's Security Committee
Geog-alumni Graduated students from the department
Geog-colloquium Geog Colloquium Series Announcements
Geog-facstaff Geography Department Faculty and Staff
Geog-faculty Geography Department Faculty
Geog-grads Geography Department Graduate Students
Geog-ugrads Geography Department Undergraduates
German-club German-speaking events
Gftei-list GFTEI Distribution List
Gg-edboard GlobalGov EdBoard Messages
Ggcsr-2016 Graduate Certificate Program
Gha-alumni listserve for Alumni of GHA program
Gha-friend global health affairs program friends
Giveto-daniels Gifts to Daniels College of Business
Global-ambs List for OIE's Global Ambassadors
Global-ed MCE Global Education Network
Global-fellows List for OIE's Global Fellows
Gold-i Campus Life and IE Gold
Gold-l Gold meeting
Golden-key Golden Key Honor Society members
google-analytic DU Google analytics messages
google-webmastr DU Google webmaster messages
Gordie-club To update and inform
Gpb-house For members of Gamma Phi Beta House.
Grad-careersvcs Graduate Career Services Events
Grad2004-alumni 2004 Graduate Alumni
Grad_women Graduate Women's Council Members
Graphic-Writing Graphic Writing FSEM list
Graphicscomm-l DU Graphics Committee Communication
Group-6 [no description available]
Gsac-info Graduate Student Association Council
Gscsr-2016 Global Governance and CSR Certificate
Gsg-comms Graduate Student Government
Gsis-china China Center Information
Gsis-facstaff send messages to GSIS fac & staff only
Gsis-faculty send messages to GSIS faculty only
Gsis-isime ISIME
Gsis-jcc Journal of Contemporary China
GSIS_Security Organization of Security Students
GSPP-BOF Board of Friends (BOF) email list
Gspp-ce Continuing Education
Gspp-faculty GSPP faculty
Gspp-forms Receiving student PDFs
Gspp-news Communications to be forwarded
Gspp-ppc Inquiries relating to GSPP's clinic
Gspp-staff GSPP staff
Gspp_current Information for current GSPP students
Gssw-agency GSSW Field Agency info
Gssw-alumni Communication with GSSW alumni
Gssw-distance List for 4C and WestCO MSW Students
Gssw-fcfield GSSW Four Corners Agency Contacts
Gssw-field Communicate with GSSW Agency Contacts
Gssw-gsa GSSW Graduate Student Association
Gssw-ihac Institute for Human-Animal Connection
Gssw-lcall Info for alumni and current cohort
Gssw-lcalumni Resource community for DU LC alumni
Gssw-lcstudent Building community among LC students
Gssw-naddhdtf [no description available]
Gssw-qea GSSW's Queer Equality Alliance
Gssw-registrar alternate address for GSSW Registrar
Gssw-students GSSW information for students
Gsswalumni-den GSSW Alumni in Denver metro area
Gsswlc-unity Info for Latinx community members
Gsswwest-events Community Events and Announcements
Gwomens-council The Graduate Women's Council
Gwst-exec GWST Executive Committee
Gwst-fac Gender and Women's Studies Faculty
Gwst-friends Gender and Women's Studies
Gwst-students Gender & Women's Studies students
Gwst-theory [no description available]
Gym-newsletter Youth GymnasticsNewsletter
HA-Master Communication with current students
Ha-prospective Communication with students
Habitat-4 Habitat for Humanity communication
Habitat_Club DU Habitat for Humanity Club
Halls-desk Mailing list for Halls' Desk Assistants
Halls-ra Email listserv for Halls RA staff
Halls9n12-13 Halls 9 North 12-13
Hallsdesk-2016 ListServe for Front Desk Staff
Harris-team Harris Online Community Team
HC-Operations Hampden Center Operations
Hcl-alumni HCL Alumni
Hcr-info Health Care Reform Information
Hcstaff-l Hampden Center staff list serv
Hdl-l DU Human Dynamics Laboratory
Healthbody-du List for Healthy Body DU 2015 Study
Healthybody-du List for Healthy Body DU 2015 Study
Healthyminds-du List for Healthy Minds DU 2015 Study
Hed-alumni Alumni of the Higher Education Program
Helpcenter-l UTS Help Center Staff Communication
Helpdeskleads-l Communication to lead supervisors
Hermana-latina For Latina grad students and faculty
Hers-brynmawr17 2017 HERS Institute at Bryn Mawr
Hers-denver17 2017 HERS Institute at the U of Denver
HERS-WC1617 HERS Institute at WC 16-17
HESA-1 Higher Education Program
Hesa-2 Higher Education Program Alumni
Hesa-exec HESA Exec Board Internal Communication
Higher-Ed Higher Education Program
Highered-edd Doctoral Research Projects - MCE/HE
Highline-grant Highline grant steering committee
History-dept History Professors
History-majors History Department Majors and Minors
Hnrs-2004 List for Fall 04 HNRS students
Hnrs-2005 Honors Program Incoming Class of 2005
Hnrs-2006 Honors Program Class of 2010 Listserve
Hnrs-2007 Incoming Honors class of 2007
Hnrs-2008 Incoming Honors Students 2008
Hnrs-2009 for incoming Honors students 2009
Hnrs-2010 Honors listserv 2010
Hnrs-2011 listserv for 2011 Honors first years
Hnrs-2012 for entering honors students 2012
Hnrs-2013 for 2013 Honors Program students
Hnrs-2014 for first year Honors students 2014
Hnrs-2015 for incoming honors students 2015
Hnrs-2016 for first year honors students 2016
Hnrs-2017 for honors students entering in 2017
Hnrs-council list for members of the Honors Council
Hnrs-faculty Honors Faculty
Hnrs-frontrange listserv of CO range honors directors
Hnrscouncil-07 information for Honors Council members
Hnrsfaculty-07 communication with honors faculty
Hopeforhaiti-l Coordinating efforts benefitting Haiti
House-directors Greek House Directors
House-managers Greek house managers
Housing-l Housing/ResEd, Student Life
Hpc-admin HPC local admin
hpc-steering HPC Steering Committee
Hpc-users HPC Users Group
hpcusers-psyc users of hpc cluster from psychology
Hr-reports HR Cognos Reports
Hrd-evaluations Evaluations of HRD sessions
Hrd-info Information about HRD (employee dev't)
Hrd-worklaw Workplace Law for DU supervisors
Hre-adm HRE Assistant Desk Managers
Hre-da HRE Desk Assistants
Hre-ddt Diversity Development Team listserv
Hre-dm HRE Desk Managers
Hrepro-1 HRE professional staff
HRHW-Updates HRHW Updates Newsletter Mailing List
Hrss-partners HR and Shared Services Campus Partners
I-llc2015 I LLC email list
I-ops Athletics and Recreation Internal Ops
I-share Furniture and Office Supply Sharing
Ia-support IA departmental communication list
Iaals-travel IAALS travel
Iaem-student IAEM Graduate Student Group
Iasa-l To notify members of upcoming events.
IBA-Daniels International Business Association
Ibalum-all DU IMBA graduates
Ibalum-co Grad Intl Business alumni
Ibalum-nonco Grad Intl Bus alumni non-CO
Ibcmc-exec IB Club Exec Mailing List
Ibcmc-undergrad IB Club Undergraduate mailing list
Ic-du international connection - DU!
Idcard-l Communications about the du id-card system
Idios-du DU's premiere a cappella group
Idp-du intl. disaster psychology listserv
Idp-gspp IDP Information for current students
Ie-digest eDigest for the IE Collective
Ifp-daniels IFP Student Group Communication
IFs-ACcyber Listserv for IFs and AC Cyber Project
Ifs-afp For the African Futures Project team.
Ifs-caadp Listserv for the IFs-CAADP project
Ifs-ceplan For communication on CEPLAN projects
Ifs-cyber Listserv for IFs Cyber project team
IFs-Diplo IFs Diplometrics project
Ifs-leadership IFs Leadership
Ifs-management List for managing Pardee staff
Ifs-News News Updates from the Pardee Center
IFs-Outreach Listserv for IFs Outreach efforts
Ifs-pphp4 Communication Tool for PPHP4 Authors
Ifs-pphp5 [no description available]
Ifs-rateam RAs and leadership for the IFs team
IFs-SENS For communication on the SENS project
IFs-Team Communication for the IFs Team.
Ifs-test For Pardee to test mail management
Ifs-westerncape IFs Western Cape Project
Iglos-du Institute on Globalization and Security
Igs-minor Intercultural Global Studies minor
igs-students For students in the IGS minor.
Iic-alumni IIC Alumni Listserv
Iic-list Mailing List for DU IIC Program
Il-cuore Italian Language Cultural club.
Ilei-update Programming for faculty on inclusivity
Ill_dept University Libraries Interlibrary Loan
Illc-08 ILLC 2008-2009 student listserv
Illc-09 ILLC class of 2013
Illc-2005 International LLC 2005 Communication
Illc-2006 ILLC Listserv 2006
Illc-2007 2007 ILLC student List Serv
Illc2010-2011 Members of the ILLC 2010-2011
Illc2011-2012 Members of the ILLC 2011-2012
Illc2012-2013 Members of the ILLC 2012-2013
Illc2013-2014 Members of the ILLC 2013-2014
Illc2014-2015 Students in the International LLC
Illc2015-2016 illc 15-16
Illc2016-2017 Members of the ILLC 2016-2017
Imba-majors information for IMBA students
Imba-new New IMBA Majors
iModules-admin iModules Administrators
Info-cloud Internal UTS list for cloud providers
Info-DHCP UTS managed DHCP server contact
Info-DNS DNS contact address
Info-firewall UTS firewall request and information
Info-fp UTS File and Print Information
Info-fsss UTS Field Support
info-handheld UTS Handheld Support Mailing List
Info-hosting UTS Hosting Services Information
Info-ipv6 ipv6 @ DU
Info-llc Living Learning Communities at DU
Info-MLM Information and questions on MLM
Info-Monitoring Contact address for the monitoring server run by Operations of UTS
Info-mysite Info for Personal Website Services
Info-nac Inform Network Security -NAC issues
Info-quota Disk Quota Increase Request List
Info-security UTS Nework Security Department
Info-sjc Incoming questions about the SJC
Info-sophos Contact address for administrators of Sophos Anti-Virus
Info-vc List for Video Conferencing @ DU
info-vdi Assistance for VMware Virtual Desktop infrastructure
Info-vmware Contact address for administrators of VMWare
Info-vpn VPN info-external, wireless and banner
info-websupport General inquiries to UTS web support
Info-wiki Inquiries for Confluence wiki administrators
Info-wireless UTS - Wireless Networks
Innovation-sw Innovation Space Software
Internal-audit Internal Audit web email
Intl-dcb communicate with grad intl students
Intl-society International Society (ABA)
Ints-4378 Students of INTS 4378
Ints-undergrads International Studies Undergraduates
Intz-council Internationalization Council list
Intz-grants Submission of Faculty Intz Grants
Intz-listserv Office of internationalization Mailing List
Intz-summit Intz Summit Committee list
Investment-club Investment Club Mailing List
Invictus-du The DU Invictus Initiative
Iota-external ZBT communication between chairs
Ipps-faculty A list for Public Policy Faculty
Is-spam List for fine tuning the DU spam blockers for detecting spam
Isaid-pub Publication Listserv for ISAID
ISI-events International students events
Isms-art ISMS art community
Isn-members Indian students in DU
ISO-DU International Student Organization
Issa-members ISSA member list at CTIR
ISSS-info ISSS Information
Isss-students ISSS students
Italian-fulfac Listserv for Italian Faculty
Itcontacts-l List of IT contacts across campus
Itec-sa ITEC Student Association (DCB)
Itec-saeboard The ITEC SA Exec. Board Mailing list
J-board Greek Judicial Board
Jclp-editors Editors for JCLP
Jcollab-l Journal of Collaborative Librarianship
Jksis-is DU Interntaional Student
JKSIS-ma all JKSIS MA students
JKSIS-phd All JKSIS Ph.D. students
Jmac-desk J-Mac Desk Assistants
Jmacra09-10 JMAC RAs 2009-2010
Jmacra10-11 JMAC RA Staff 10-11
Jointphd-alumni alumni of the DU/Iliff Joint PhD
Jointphd-fac To share info with faculty of the JDP
Jointphd-stdnts For communication with JDP students
Journalism-ug Journalism Studies majors
Jtc-l Joint Council Listserv
Jwwriters-sn JWW supports SN academic productivity
K-12listserv To connect w. DU-K12 collaborations
K13-russell Prof. Russell's Spr ' 10 Contracts.
K14-russell Russell Fall 2010 Contracts class
Kai-hu visiting scholar
Kappa_1 PhiBeta Kappa
Kiha-news Knoebel Institute Healthy Aging list
Korbel-art Korbel School Student Art Council List
Korbel-lacsa Latin American group at Korbel
Korbel-minerva Minerva funded grant work
Ks-inhouse In-house Kappa Sigma
KVDU-DJ KVDU DJ and Staff Mailing List
KVDU-News KVDU Newsletter
KVDU-Radio KVDU Radio Info list
L-sheng Student of ELC
Lady-bug A second list serve for gamma phi beta
Lambda-alpha LA Anthropology Honor Society
Lamont-comp Listserv for Lamont composers
Lamont-search Lamont Director Search Committee
Langlit-dept Full departmental list with adjuncts
Langlit-lecture Listserv for Langlit Lecturers
Langlit-parents List for L&L faculty who are parents
Langlit-tp For all teaching professors
Langlit-tt Tenure-track faculty only
Latino-grads To connect DU Latino grad students
Latino-psych GSPP Latino Psychology Community
Law-reference Reference Librarians at DU Law Library
Lawlib-acq Law Library Acquisitions
Lawlib-support Law Library Support by Penrose
Leadership-Acad Members of the Leadership Academy
Lebanon-trip Alternative Break to Lebanon
LEP-counselors Internal staff list of LEP counselors
Lep-info Learning Effectiveness Program
Lep-lateorsick LEP staff to say out sick,late
Lep-students Provide students with LEP information
Lep-tutoring LEP Tutoring appointment reminder
Lga-l -
Lgbtiqa-staff [no description available]
Library-all Info for Univ Library appointed employees
Library-av A/V Technology and Media Production
Library-avstaff AV Staff
Library-cmg Content Management Group
Library-deliver Communication for document delivery
Library-dev development team listserv
Library-eac Library Events and Artworks Committee
Library-emt Library Emergency Management Team
Library-endproc University Libraries End Processing
Library-faculty University Libraries Faculty
Library-garden garden plot listserv for library
Library-hampden Library Staff in Stacks Department
Library-hourly Main Library Hourly Staff
Library-pr Penrose Library PR listserv
Libschool-l LIS Program Faculty and Students
Lisa-l Library and Information Science Student and Alumni Association
List-test List Test
Listserv-test Administrative listserv for testing
Lli-2016 Latino Leadership Institute 2016
Lm-calendar Engineering Chair's Calendar
Lmba_01 lmba students and faculty list
Lmba_02 Emerging leaders communication
Lmba_03 Emerging Leaders MBA - Exec. Education
Lmba_04 Emerging Leaders MBA - Class 04
Lmba_05 Emerging Leaders MBA Class 05
Lmchild-society Author Society for Lydia Maria Child
Lock-list for bid and key requests
LSA-List Discussion and information about the University of Denver Latino Student Alliance.
LSMA-newsletter Academy email lists for newsletters
Lsmpo-mail LSMPO Board Members
Mac-users [no description available]
Mac1-1plp A listserve for MAC1-1
Magisquad-lt4 Unite Kairos alumni
Manager-updates DU superivsor updates
Mar-bookclub Pioneer Book Club
Mars-fac Marsico Faculty Committee
Marsico-list Send Information
Masc-alumni List for MASC alumni
Masc-students List for MASC students
Math-club Math Club of Math Dept. at DU.
Math-women Women in Mathematics at DU
Mathematica-l Wolfram Mathematica Users at DU
Mba-bia For MBAs concentrating in BIA
Mba-imc MBA-IMC graduate student list
Mba-ims MBA-IMS graduate student list
MBA2U-Faculty Communication among faculty/staff
Mbaatdenver-fac MBA@Denver fac/staff communication
MCAT-club DU Pre-Health Society listserv
Mce-qssa MCE QSSA Group address
Mceqssa-leaders Listserv between MCE QSSA Leadership
Mcetep-alumni MCE TEP Alumni List
Mcom-alumni graduates of the MCOM program
Mdp-program MDP Updates
Media-ug Media Studies majors
Mens-biblestudy Graduate or graduated mens biblestudy
Mentors-2005 2005 UDCC Mentors
Messi-members Communication for MESSI members
Messi-news To announce MESSI activities
Mfjs-adjunct Adjunct faculty in MFJS
Mfjs-alumni Email list for MFJS alumni.
Mfjs-dept MFJS Department--Faculty & Staff
Mfjs-fac Contact list for MFJS faculty
Mfjs-grad Email list for MFJS graduate students
Mgmt-prof Management Department
Mgmt-students students associated w/dept. of mgmt
MHC-sportpsych MHC chatter
Miac-l Multicul. Initiatives Advisory Council
Middle-east Announcements on the Middle East and Islamic World
Mig-psy Multicultural Interest Group PsychDept
Mike-test mike-test
MindROT-l Robotics Outreach Team - Robotics club
Mktg-aboard List of advisory board members
Mktg-adj Marketing Department Adjunct Faculty
Mktg-advising List of the marketing advisors
Mktg-alum List for our older alumni
Mktg-alumni DCB Marketing for Alumni
Mktg-fac Marketing Department
Mktg-grad DCB Marketing Graduate Students
Mktg-majors Marketing Majors
Mktg-tt Tenure track marketing faculty
Mktg-youngalum Students that have graduated
ML-Managers announcement list for managers of mailing lists
Mme-dept MME Department Mailing List
Mme-fac MME Department Faculty Mailing List
Model-un Model United Nations discussion forum
Month-end To send messages from the Controller.
Mortar_board Mortar Board Honor Society
Mos-tas TAs for the MOS program within DCB
Mpmla-l Mtn/Plains Chapter, Music Lib.Assoc.
Mrb-tech Tech support for MRB meeting rooms
Mrtrbrd-alumni Mortar Board Alumni contacts
MSLA-Alumni MSJA/MSLA communication tool
Msla-daniels communication for msla
Msla-faculty MSLA Faculty discussion group
Msla-ja_alumni Discussions on Legal Administration
Msm-alumni msm-alumni
Msm-commtele communication for msm comm and tele
Msm-cust communication for msm-customized
Msm-eng communication for msm-eng
Msm-facultystaf msm-facultystaf
Msm-healthph communication for msm-health/ph
Msm-information msm-information
Msm-otd communication for msm-ot&d
Msm-sport communication for msm students
Mtevans-l Mt. Evans/High Altitude Site
Myhren-gallery Victoria H. Myhren Gallery events
Nagel-Desk [no description available]
Nagel-staff [no description available]
Naspa-ivw NASPA IV-W board members
Nasss-serv North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
Ncore-socjust NCORE Social Justice Institute
Neh-med NEH Summer Institute Participant List
Nelson-2005 Communication tool for Nelson staff.
Nelson-Da Communicate with the DAs of Nelson
Nelson-desk Nelson Front Desk Staff
Nelson-NagelRAs Nelson Nagel RAs
Nelson2-desk The employees of the Nelson front desk
Nelson4-ngv 4th Floor Nelson-NGV
Nelsonra11-12 Nelson RA staff
Never-Again Discussion list for Never Again!
Nordic-team University of Denver Nordic Ski Team
Not-spam List for fine tuning the DU spam blockers for not mis-detecting spam
Nourish-peace Nourish Peace at DU
Npc-extension NPC community
Nrhh-alumni For NRHH Alumni
Nrhh-exec For officers of NRHH
Nrhh-members National Residence Hall Honorary
NRHH-pioneers Pioneers of NRHH
Nrp-lab For members of Davis Lab
Nsc-l Network Security Commitee
Nsm-esi NSM Environ & Sustainability
Nsm-faculty NSM Faculty
Nsm-grads Email list for NSM grad students
NSM-Outages Service Status/Outage Notices for NSM Faculty and Staff
Nsm-secs so students send comments to senators
Nsm-staff STAFF
Nsm-webmaster Coordination for NSM web
Nsm-women Female faculty in NSM
Offcmps-list News and updates for employers
Officemgr-coord Office Managers and Coordinators
Oie-emergency Emergency distribution list for OIE
OL-Contacts OL Contact List
Ops-test operations test account
Opt-investors Investors Group
Order-Omega Greek Honor Society
Org-secstdnts Security Students (OSS) at JKSIS
Organismal-bio DU whole organism faculty & students
Orientation-du Undergraduate Student Orientation
Osp-friends DU Biennial Conference
oucms-admins OmniUpdate Campus CMS admins
oucms-users OmniUpdate Campus CMS users
Outage-alert To inform certain UTS staff of outages
Outsidethe-box Students who care about campus issues.
OX-InHouse In-house communications
P-partners Pioneer Partner Tutoring program info
P2-3DecStKitts PMBA 02 & 03 December St Kitts Group
P2p-du Members of Pioneer 2 Pioneer
P2p-mentees Peer to Peer Mentorship - Mentees
P2p-mentors Peer to Peer Mentorship - Mentors
P3-firstyear Communicate with new students in P3
P3-students This will help email students easily
Pbr-writers Pioneer Business Review staff
Pcicompliance-l Payment Card Industry Reps.
Peace-corps Peace Corps Community Listserv
Peer-educators Students promoting health and balance
Penrose-ebooks Library list for ebook MARC records
Penrose-liaison University Libraries Liaisons
Penrosehouse-l Follow-up to March 2013 meeting
Penrosetech-l Penrose Library Technology Team
Phi-kap-serv phi kap serv
Phi_sigma_iota Information for Phi Sigma Iota members
Phil-students Dept. communication with PHIL students
Phonesupport-l UTS HelpCenter Phone Support mail list
Phys-gradinfo Physics Graduates Inquiries and Apps
Pi-jobs Publishing Institute Job Board
Piec-i To communicate with members.
Pio-gears For all things bicycle at DU.
Piofriends-du Pioneering Friendships Members
Pioradio-dj PioRadio/KXDU/KVDU
Pirlsteam-l For PIRLS team discussions.
Plp-alumnicomm PLP Alumni Committee
Plp-class2008 Pioneer Leadership Program
Plp-class2009 Pioneer Leadership Program Class 2009
Plp-class2010 PLP list of incoming students
Plp-class2011 [no description available]
Plp-class2012 PLP Class of 2012
Plp-class2013 Communicate with PLP Class of 2013
Plp-class2014 PLP Class of 2014 Communication
Plp-class2015 PLP Class of 2015 Communication
Plp-class2016 To communicate news and updates.
Plp-class2017 Communicate with PLP class of 2017
Plp-class2018 Communicate with Class of 2018
Plp-class2019 Communication- the PLP Class of 2019
Plp-class2020 PLP class of 2020 info
Plp-class2021 Listserv for the PLP Class of 2021
Plp-grouplist Pioneer Leadership Program All Group List
Plp-initiative [no description available]
Plp-ra PLP dorm RA's
Plp-ras PLP Resident Assistants
Pmba-01 Communication with PMBA Class 01
Pmba-04 Communication with PMBA Class 04
Pmba-05 Communication with PMBA Class 05
Pmba-06 Communication with PMBA Class 06
Pmba-07 Communication with PMBA Class 07
Pmba-08 Communication with PMBA Class 08
Pmba-09 Communication with PMBA 09
Pmba-10 Communication with PMBA Class 10
Pmba-11 Communication with PMBA Class 11
Pmba-12 Communication with PMBA Class 12
Pmba-13 PMBA 13 students, staff & faculty
Pmba-14 PMBA 14 communications
Pmba-15 PMBA 15 communications
Pmba-16 PMBA 16 cohort, staff and faculty
Pmba-17 PMBA 17
pmba-18 students and staff in PMBA 18
pmba-19 pmba-19
pmba-20 students and staff in PMBA 20
pmba-21 students and staff in PMBA 21
Pmba-cleaders PMBA Cohort Leader connection.
pmba-fac Used to connect PMBA faculty
Pmbae-02 Communication w/ Evening PMBA Class 02
Pmbaw-02 Communication w/ Weekend PMBA Class 02
Policy-students Public Policy graduate students
Policystu-ug Policy undergraduate students.
Portfolio-techs Portfolio / UTS Communications List
Ppc-l Pioneer Programming Council
Pre-health communication with Pre-health students
Pre-law DU Undergrads Interested in Law School
Pre-med Allied Health pre-professonal
Pride-du DU Pride Group
Prime-pioneers 30 Somethings Alumni Committee List
Pro-ChoiceDU NARAL Pro-Choice DU
Profdev-steer Current members of the Prof Dev Eng SC
Project-reef Project Reef Awareness
Psi-chi Psi Chi Honor Society & Psychology Club
Psy-allgroups All core groups
Psy-areaheads Psychology Faculty ( Area Heads )
Psy-ascbrownbag Psych ASC faculty, grads, postdocs
Psy-clintenline Clinical Tenure Line
Psy-collcomm Psychology Colloquium Committee
Psy-compcomm Psychology Computer Committee
Psy-DivComm Inclusive Excellence Committee
Psy-facemeriti Psychology Faculty (Emeriti)
Psy-facresearch List of research professors
Psy-facteaching Psychology Faculty (Teaching)
Psy-faculty Psychology Faculty ( All )
Psy-facultyasc Psychology Faculty ( ASC )
Psy-facultyclin Psychology Faculty ( Clinical )
Psy-facultydcn Psychology Faculty ( DCN )
Psy-facultydev Psychology Faculty ( Developmental )
Psy-GradAffairs Psychology Graduate Affairs Committee
Psy-graduates Psychology Students (All Graduates)
Psy-info General info for Dept of Psychology
Psy-newsevents Email for Psychology News and Events
Psy-newsletter Psychology Matters Newsletter
Psy-outreach Visual Science Outreach Communications
Psy-PersComm Psychology Personnel Committee
Psy-postdocs Psychology Postdocs
Psy-socialmedia address for social media accounts
Psy-staff Psychology Staff ( All )
Psy-staffdept Psychology Staff ( Department )
Psy-stplancomm Strategic Planning Committee listserv
Psy-studentasc Psychology Students ( ASC )
Psy-studentclin Psychology Students ( Clinical )
Psy-studentdcn Psychology Students ( DCN )
Psy-studentdev Psychology Students ( Developmental )
Psy-studentreps Psychology Student Reps
Psy-UGAffairs Psychology Undergrad Affairs Committee
Psy-visitadj Visiting and adjunct faculty list
Psyc-ugrads Psychology majors and minors
Psyc-writinggr Graduate students' writing group
Psych-rec For rec letters for Psych Depart
Psych-recteach Rec letters for Psych lecturer opening
Psyd-2006 List of PsyDs who entered in 2006
Public_coors Public memberships at Coors
Q-lead Comm tool for LGBTIQA org leaders.
Qna-network DU's Queer & Ally (Q&A) Network
Qssa-admin QSSA admin leader list
Queer-faculty DU Queer Faculty Association
Queerallylist-l DU Queer & Ally Commission
Queerdu-info DU LGBTIQA umbrella listserv
Qys-plan Planning cmte of CO Queer Youth Summit
Ratecard-team Debate 2012 Rate Card Communications
RECM-Club RECM Club Alumni Newsletter
Recmc-interest DU RECM Club
Records-mgmt DU Records Management Program
Recreation-ft [no description available]
Redcap-users REDcap internal support group
Ref-students Students at the Research Center desk
Reference-ill ILL requests referred to Reference
Reffac-l Penrose Library reference faculty
Religious-life News/talk from the Chaplain's Office
Research-help Penrose email research and reference questions.
Retiree-board Retired University Personnel Board
Rho-gamma Rho Gamma communications
Rho-lambda Rho Lambda Greek Women's Honor Society
Rickscenter-L Ricks Center Staff and Faculty
Ritchie-ugradsw Ritchie School Undergrad Women
Rlgs-events Religious Studies event announcements
Rlgs-grads communication with RLGS grad students
Rlgs-undergrads communication with RLGS undergrads
Rm-software Records Management grant partners
Rmrc-admin Issues in clinical legal education
Rmsprogram-l Research Methods & Statistics Program
Rock-du For the leaders of Christ's Rock.
Roomview-users Users of Roomview Fusion Software
Roosevelt-l Roosevelt Institution Denver Chapter
Rotaract-du Communication for members & Rotarians.
RSECS-ADsearch Ritchie School AD Search Mailing List
RSECS-AllTeam RSECS Strategic All Team Members
Rsecs-amplify 870134886
Rsecs-CoPilots RSECS-CoPilots
Rsecs-dean Ritchie School Dean's Office
Rsecs-deansrch Ritchie School Dean Search
RSECS-DigitalT RSECS Strategic Digital LiteracyTeam
Rsecs-facstaff Ritchie School Faculty&Staff Full List
RSECS-FinSpaceT RSECS Strategic Fin Space Team
RSECS-InclExcT RSECS Strategic Incl Exc Team
RSECS-MastersT RSECS Strategic Masters Team
Rsecs-Pilots RSECS-Pilots
RSECS-RankRateT RSECS Strategic Ranking & Rating Team
RSECS-ResearchT RSECS Strategic Research Team
RSECS-TeamLeads RSECS Strategic Team Leads
RSECS-UGradT RSECS Strategic UG Team
Ruff-avsupport Ruffatto tech support
Ruff-support ruffatto tech support
Rugby-active Rugby Officers/Coaches
Russian-union Russian Student Union message service
RyanEG-Advising RyanEG's HED Advising Group
Sa-course Study abroad course pilot list
Saah-adjuncts School of Art adjuncts & staff
Saah-faculty School of Art faculty
Saah-gradinfo Graduate Art & Art History Information
SAAH-grads School of Art and Art History Graduate Students
Saah-staff for staff of SAAH
Saah-students School of Art undergraduate students
SAC-Issues SAC Staff Issues Comm. Internal
Safezone-l Safe Zone Planning Group
Sankofa-village Network of DU's Black Constituency
Sante-health Students for Global Health
Sat-lifedrawing Saturday Life Drawing artist-members
Savtest-l [no description available]
Sayf-lab Gudino Lab mailing list
Schmooze-du Schmooze Member List
sds-l Students for a Democratic Society
Secs-it SECS IT Support
Secs-nsm Research Update and Information
Seniors-2011 Seniors for 2011-12 academic year
Serials-l DU's University Libraries Serials Unit
Sf-africa Students concerned with African issues
Sfer-du Students for Education Reform
Sh-depts Departments located in Sturm Hall
shlab-core for core Sokol-Hessner Lab members
shlab-general for general interest in SH Lab info
Sic-du Social Identity Collective
sidi-gsis SIDI is a student org within KSIS
Sierra-bounce bounced emails from Sierra
Sigchi-alumni Sigma Chi Alumni
Sigmachi-hc Sigma Chi House Corporation
Signage-owners Digital signage owners at DU
Silent-auction Founders Day Silent Auction
Sisepuede_l Latinos in Higher Education Network
Sistah-network SN supports Black women grad students
Sjc-2003-2004 Social Justice Community 2003-2004
Sjc-2004-2005 Announcements for students in the SJC
Sjc-2009 Social Justice Community class of 2013
Sjc2005-2006 Announcements for students in SJC
Sjc2006-2007 Announcements for students in SJC
Sjc2007-2008 Announcements for students in the SJC
Sjc2008-2009 For class of 2012 SJC students
Sjc2010-2011 Members of the SJLLC 2010-2011
Sjllc2011-2012 Members of the SJLLC 2011-2012
Sjllc2012-2013 Social Justice LLC class 2012-2013
Sjllc2013-2014 Students in the SJLLC class of 2017
Sjllc2014-2015 Students in the Social Justice LLC
Sjllc2015-2016 Students in the Social Justice LLC
Sjllc2016-2017 SJLLC class of 2016-2017
Ski-team Active Ski Team 2015-16
Sl-gasupervisor Student Life supervisors of GA/Fellows
Sla-dulisgroup DU Student Group for SLA
Slamdunk-events Events hosted at athletic competitions
Slg-colony Mailing list for SLG Colony Members
Slg-exec SLG Executive Board Mailing List
Slg-interest List of Interested Members of SLG
Snag-l UTS System and Network Administration
Soar-du Questions regarding SOAR Program
Soc-graduate Multicultural Graduate Students
Soc-undergrad School of Communication undergraduates
Social-brink Social Entrepreneurship
Socio-Legal Socio-Legal Studies Majors
Socsci-chairs SocialScienceChairs
Socsci-fac Social Science Faculty List
Socsci-pt Social Sciences P & T Committee
Sophia-society Philosophy Club
Sophomore-2011 Sophomores for academic year 2011-12
Sorority-pres Sorority presidents
Sound-histories Historicizing Sound Scholarly Listserv
South-du Volunteers for South High School
Span-ft Full time Spanish faculty
Span-majorminor Listserv for Spanish Majors and Minors
Span-tp Specific for Spanish faculty
Span-tt Specific for spanish tt
Spanish-core Spanish lecturers & tenure track faculty
Spanish-fullfac Listserv for entire Spanish faculty (including adjuncts)
Spanish-lang Spanish Adjuncts and Lecturers
Speech-study Recruitment for speech study
Spoken-word Info for DU's Spoken Word Organization
Spp-alum Communication portal for MASPP alum
Sprtpsyc-future Discussion on future of sport psych
Spsc-2005 Students for Positive Social Change
Srg-psy Science of Sex Research Group
Srmgmt-08 2008 Sr. Mgmt Major students
Ssc-denver The Saudi Students Club in Denver
Ssf-du Students for Sustainable Food Club
Ssg-langlit Smaller Section Group in L&L
Ssla-0809 Email list LIS/SSLA
Ssla-law Spanish Speaking Lawyers Ass'n
Ssrr09-admin Ssrr 2009 Admin Mailing List
Ssrr09-paper Paper Submission List for 2009 SSRR
Ssrr09-program [no description available]
Stacks-l Hampden Center--Penrose Library
Staff-advisory Staff Advisory Council listserve
Staff-list For sending emails to DU Staff.
Staff_women Information for & about DU Staff Women
Stafffac_coors Faculty Staff memberships at Coors
Stat-alums Alums of the STAT Department
Stat-majors05 Statistic Majors for 2005
Stella-l SciTechEng Library Leaders in Action
Stratcomm-ug Strategic Communication majors
Student-orgs AUSA Senate Student Organizations
Suitts-CCR Daniels-Suitts-CMC and Corporate & Community Rel
Summit_06 Summit 6 faculty and students list
SUS-COM USG Sustainability Committee
sustain-ability Sustainability news, events, and ideas from the Sustainability Council.
Sustainminor-l sustainability minor
Sye-team The exchange of 2nd year program ideas
TakeBack-theTap Anti-bottled-water campaign
Talkto-us Replies/notifications for social media
Tc-philanth Com for the Theta Chi Phil. Committee
Tc-recruitment Com for the Theta Chi Recru. Committee
Tc-roundtable Theta Chi Roundtable
Tc-social Com for the Theta Chi Social Committee
Teacher-Ed Teacher Education Program
Teaching-jobs Job opportunities for teachers
Tech_info Update GSSW of technology status
Technology-council Technology Advisory Committee
Tedx-production TEDx Production Team
Tedxdu-2011 TEDxDU
Tedxdu-fans All expressing interest in TEDxDU
Tedxdu-prod TEDxDU Production team
TEDxDU2010-fans TEDxDU fans
Tep-alumni Former TEP students
Tep-dualdegree Students in the dual-degree program.
Tep-duals TEP Dual degree students
Tep-l TEP students and faculty
Theatre-DUDE DU Drama Ensemble
Theatre-events Show information
Theta_Chi Undergraduate Communication for Theta Chi Fraternity
Thetachi-eboard Executive Board Mailing for Theta Chi
Thetachi-exec Communications for Theta Chi Exec
Thetachi-joint Joint Undergrad and Grad
Thetachi-parent Parents of Brothers in Theta Chi
Tit-committee Teach In Tuesday Steering Committee
Title-vi CTIR outreach programs list
Tls-edd TLS Project Submissions
Tms-budgusers Pinnacle Budgetary Users
Torts-russell Torts Discussion List
Torts05-russell Torts Discussion
Torts07-russell Torts 07
Torts08-russell Torts 08
Torts12-russell Prof. Russell's Fall 2008 Torts.
Towers-5north Towers 5 North
Towers-6north Towers 6 North
Towers-desk For employees to use to cover shifts.
Training-events DU Training & Development events
Trans-net Connecting DU TransNetwork members
Transfer-wf Transfer Workflow List
Tri-babies New Member Class of Tri Delta
Tri-delta communication of tri delta members
Twcalumnae-all Information for all TWC Alumnae
Tx2-l TX2 - Transfer Student Organization
Ua-ackreports UA Acknowledgement Reports
Ua-ag UA Annual Giving team
Ua-ahss communications between ua and ahss
Ua-assistants All admin assistants in UA
Ua-athletics communications between ua & athletics
Ua-avc communication with avc's in ua
Ua-bridge Comms between Adv & Bridge Project
Ua-cfr ua corp/found relations dept
Ua-chancellor Communication between ua & chancellor
Ua-controller Communications between UA & Controller
Ua-daniels communication between ua and Daniels
Ua-exceptions Additional members to UA lists
Ua-giftplanning Departmental list for planned giving
Ua-gspp communications between ua and gspp
Ua-gssw communications between ua and gssw
Ua-it IT staff in UA
Ua-jksis communications between ua and jksis
Ua-law communications between ua and law
Ua-ldevofficers UA Development Officers
Ua-library UA-library communications
Ua-mce communications between ua and mce
Ua-nsm communications between ua and nsm
ua-pg UA Planned Giving Team
Ua-reports UA report distribution
Ua-secs communications between ua and secs
Ua-seniordo Senior Development Officers
Ua-seniorstaff Senior Level Members of UA
Ua-twc ua-twc communications
Ua-ucol communications between ua and ucol
Ubsa-daniels Daniels leadership channel
Ubsa-l For the members of UBSA
Uc-admission UCOL admission email
Ucol-bacp UCOL BACP Student Mailing List
Ucol-epm University College EPM students
Ucol-faculty Notify University College faculty
Ucol-gs UCOL Global Affairs Students
Ucol-hcl mailing list for healthcare leadership
Ucol-modl UCOL MODL Students
Ucol-smgt UCollege Security Management program
Ucol-tele University College TELE list
Ucol_all University College General E-Mail List
ucs-voip mgmt of voip in ucs
Udas-du UniversityofDenver Advertising Society
Udl-denver UDL in Denver
UDS-staff All staff, incl workstudies, of UDS
Ufi-du United for Israel listserv
Ufwh-du To inform about hunger issues
Ug-cord Undergraduate listserv for CORD
Ug-council Undergraduate Council
Ug-portfolio FIN 3770 UG Portfolio class 2007
Ug-research Undergraduate Research Center
UG-Slate Slate Advisory Committee
Ug2004-alumni 2004 Alumni Undergraduates
Ugcouncil-05 Undergraduate Council
Ugcouncil-06 Undergraduate Council 2006/7
Uitg-academic UITG Academic List
Uitg-all Unified IT Governance Organization
Uitg-apprt UITG Administrative List
Uitg-ipprt UITG Infrastructure List
Uncc-l UNCC Locate Notification
undergrad-women Undergraduate Women's Council
Unitefor-sight Unite For Sight Community Fellows
Urizen-users To Disseminate info to users of Urizen
Userserv-l User/Patron Services Steering Comm
Usg-comms Undergrad Student Govt Communications
Usg-diversity USG Diversity Committee listserv
USG-Exec Communication for USG Executive
Usg-Judicial Communication for USG Judicial Branch
USG-Senate Communication for USG Senators
Uts-custserv List for all Customer Service staff
Uts-internal Internal List for UTS Personnel
Uts-operations List for Computer Operations Personnel
Uts-pinn UTS-Pinnacle Users
uts-power UTS UPS and Power Systems
Uts-test Test List for UTS
Uts-vewfd UTS VEWFD Alerts
Vail_02 Communication with Vail 2 MBA students
Vail_03 communication for Vail 03 courses
Vball-club DU Club Volleyball
VDI-Users System info for Virtual Desktop users
Vet-alumni DU Veterans and Military Alumni Distro
Vibe-interest Student Organization
Video-services Video Production Services
Video-srvadmin Video Streaming - Server Admin list
Videostream-tech Video streaming at DU technical discussions
Vinculum-l DU Computer and Network Support People
VIP-Coordinator VIP Partnership Program Coordinators
VIP-Directors Communication for the VIP program
Vip-firstyear VIP first year students
VIP-Lincoln vip-lincoln
VIP-Students VIP Program
Vip-wkstudy SP and VIP student employees
Vista-test Vista & Office 2007 Test Group
Vm-users Users of virtual machines hosted on UTS' VMWare clusters
Vmc-l Visual Media Center list
Voltaire-hnrs Voltaire Society Messages
Vpec-lab Lab mailing list
VSA-DU DU Vietnamese Student Association
VSA-events VSA Upcoming Events
W_club_soccer The women's club soccer program
WAND-l Women's Alliance Networking & Devel
web-liaisons University Web Liaisons
Wec-l WRIT Engagement Corps Email List
Who-getsthis Curious who gets this
WiA-l DU writers working for the public good
Winter-break Winter Break RA and DA mailing list
Wkstdy_sprvsrs [no description available]
Wla-mailinglist Email list for WLA
Wlc-du Women's Leadership Council
Wllc-2006 Wellness LLC 2006
Wllc-2007 Communication for the WLLC class 07-08
Wllc-2008 Wellness LLC 2008
Wllc-2009 Wellness Living & Learning Comm 09
Wllc-2010 Communication for the WLLC 2010
Wllc-2011 Communications for the WLLC 2011
Wllc-2012 Communications for the WLLC 2012
Wllc-2013 Communications for the WLLC 2013
Wllc-2014 official mailings of WLLC 2014-2015
Wllc-2015 Official mailings of WLLC 2015-2016
Wllc-2016 Official mailings of WLLC 2016-2017
Womensconf-plan DU Women's Conference Planning Cmtte
World-affairs Discussing world affairs and activism
World-lang_co Metro Area World Languages Teachers
Wpa-testing Contact address for WPA testers, and internal WPA discussion
Wpc-support 2005 White Privilege Conf support
Wrc-l Staff listserv for UWC
Writ-range2014 Writing Program conference planning
Ws-langlit Work Study list for Department
Wushu-l DU Wushu Club Mailing List
X-ITEfaculty Project X-ITE News & Events
X-itestaff Project X-ITE News for DU Staff
Xc-competitive DU Club XC Competitive Team
xite-alumni Project X-ITE News for DU Alumni
xite-community Project X-ITE Denver & CO Community
xite-parents Project X-ITE Parents List
Xite-sab Project X-ITE Student Advisory Board
Xite-students Project X-ITE Announcements
Xite-unitadvo For Project X-ITE unit-level contacts
Xiteftd-copilot XITEFTD-CoPilot
Xiteftd-entr XITEFTD-ENTR
XiteFTD-Pilot XITEFTD-Pilot
Xmba-mtn_fac xmba and mtn faculty mailing list.
Xmba_27 Communication with xmba class 27.
Xmba_28 Communication with xmba class 28.
Xmba_29 xmba class 29
Xmba_30 xmba class 30
Xmba_31 xmba class 31
Xmba_32 xmba class 32
Xmba_33 xmba 33 class list
Xmba_34 Class 34 students and faculty list
Xmba_35 Executive Education communication
Xmba_36 Communication for xmba 36 courses
Xmba_37 Executive Education Class 37
Xmba_38 Executive MBA - Class 38
Xmba_39 Executive MBA Class 39
Xmba_40 Executive MBA class 40
Xmba_41 Executive MBA cohort communication
Zero-waste Zero Waste programs at DU

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