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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
AAC-AVREQUEST Event Request and AV support
AAC-AVSERVICES Event AV support across campus
AAC-DCS AAC Digital Conversion Services
AAC-DMC Digital Media Center at the AAC
AAC-PRODUCTION AAC Video Production Information
Aac-sc AAC Sustainability Committee
aac-services AAC Services Group
Aac-stacks AAC Main Library Stacks Student
aac-studyrooms For questions about AAC study rooms.
Aac-vcs AAC Video Creation Studio
Aact-lab automaticity affect control thought
Ab-connect CAHSS alumni connect working group list
Ab-dev AHSS Advisory Board Dev
Ab-student CAHSS student support working group list
Acad-resources Academic Resources, Student Life
Academic-budget For academic budget officers
Academic-mamas DU faculty and staff who are mothers
Access-l University Libraries Access Services
Access-sup For Access Supervisors communication
Ace-atdu aceatdu listserv
Adjfac-fac For sending Interterm Session Info
Admasst-ahss Admin.Asst to Chairs
Adv-dailypulse Distribution of Daily Pulse newsletter
Adv-drp Daily Report on Philanthropy
Adv-pcards Advancement p-card holders
Advisfriends-l Advising Colleagues included on email
Advising-l Advising Staff emails
AdvReports-ao Report distribution to Alumni Officers
AdvReports-drp Used to distribute DRP reports
Ah-jobs School of Art art history jobs
Ahss-aboard CAHSS Advisory Council Mailing List
Ahss-chairs AHSS Chairs and Directors
Ahss-deanoffice AHSS Dean's Office staff
AHSS-faculty AHSS Faculty Including D&D
Ahss-graddepts Faculty/staff of CAHSS grad programs
Ahss-sac AHSS Student Advisory Council
Ahss-staff AH/SS Staff
Ahss-temfaculty Adjuncts and D&D
Ahsschairs-only For chairs & directors
Ais-finance AIS Finance Team Mailing List
Akpsi-1 Communication for AKPsi Members
Alarm-techs Campus Safety Alarm Techs
Ald-2011 ALD members
Ald2010rcruit-l [no description available]
Alh-russell American Legal History--Part II.
Alma-fulfill Alma Mailing List
Alphaphi-iotaxi Alpha Phi- Iota Xi Chapter
alpine-team DU Alpine Ski Team List
Alum-lgbtiq DU Pride
Alumni-leaders Alumni chapter leaders
Alumni-listserv Alumni Newsletter - Internal use only - non-alumni Subscriptions
Amache-1 Public Announcements DU Amache Project
amnesty-intl Amnesty International
Amsrmc-l Discuss music amongst chapter members
Anth-alumni Anthropology Alumni
Anth-facstaff mailings to ANTH faculty and staff
Anth-ma Anthropology MA students
Anth-majors For Anthropology Undergraduate Majors
Aoc-list Email List of staff to receive reports
Ar-digi Athletics Recreation Digitization Proj
Arboretum-l Interest In University Arboretum
Arch-proc Archives Processing at Penrose Library
Archives-l Special Collections and Archives research and reference
Archivesspace-l ArchivesSpace users
Arti-dept ARTI Department Mailing List
ASA-members Asian Student Alliance member mailing list
Asia-studies Faculty teach Asia studies major/minor
Asu-du List for the African Students United
Avocent-l UTS Avocent Admin List
Awm-chapter AWM student chapter
Banner-admit Banner Admissions Work Team
Bels-society Business Ethics and Legal Studies
Bia-advisorybd BIA Advisory Board
Bia-major BIA undergraduate majors
Bia-minor BIA undergraduate minors
Bia-ms BIA MSBA students
Bia-msalum BIA MSBA students who have graduated
Bio-science All Biology Majors
Black-Faculty African American faculty members
Black-grad communication with black grad students
Black-staff African American staff members at DU
Boettcher-2 Listserve for Boettcher alumni/ae.
Boettcher_1 Boettcher Scholars List-serv
Bologna-all All attendees: Bologna Conference
Book-group A closed book discussion group.
Botsac-l BOT Student Affairs Committee
Bridge-tech Bridge Project Technology Group
bsa-du Black Student Alliance
Bsa-org Black Student Alliance
Bsba-ib communication with students
Budget-ops Univ info for all Budget Officers
C-cure notify technicians of issues w C-Cure
Canvas-sys Canvas Admin Team
Carrels-l Research Carrels at the AAC
Cashier-deptdep Departmental deposit users
Ccure-access C-Cure Access Coordinator email list
Ce-llc2015 CE_LLC 2015-2106 students
Cellc-2012 Creativity and Entrprepreneurship LLC
Cellc2013-2014 Members of the CELLC 2013-2014
Cellc2014-2015 News/info for students in the CELLC
Cellc2016-2017 Members of the CELLC 2016-2017
Ces-castaff ces ca staff
Ces-central ces central staff
Cfr-rockymtn CFR officers in Rocky Mtn region
CFSP-Alumni CFSP Alumni & Friends
Cfsp-phd phd students in the cfsp program
Cfsp_students MCE - CFSP Program Student Communication
Cghd-du CGHD
Chad-writing Weekly in house writing group.
Chadlab-list Child Health & Development Lab Members
Challenge-1864 Sesquicentennial Service Challenge
Chambers-all CWC building (Chambers Center) Info
Charleslamb-l List for Writing Program staff
Chi-omega Sorority Listserv
China-journal Journal of Contemporary China
Chinese-minors Chinese Minors
Chiphi-parents To keep chapter parents up to date
Circ-assist Main Library Circulation Assistants
Clarion-editor The editors of the DU Clarion
Clarion-staff DU Clarion staff writers/photographers
Clarion-writers Clarion writers listserv
Classof-2017 Class of 2017
Classof-2018 Communication with Class of 2018
Classof-2019 communication with the class of 2019
Classrm-support Support for general classroom space
Clie-grads CLIE Graduate Student Staff
Clie-l CLIE Communications
Climate-rally Planning committee for climate rally.
Clr-l Criminal Law Review
Club-baseball DU's Club Baseball Team
Club-hockey Men's Club Hockey Email List
Club-Italia Club Italia
Club-rugby University of Denver Rugby Football Club Contact List
Cme-forward FORWARD facilitators listserv
Cme-staff Communication for Staff of CME
Cnp-alumni Counseling Psychology Alumni.
Cnp-job This listserv is mostly about jobs.
Cnpadjuncts-l Counseling Psychology Adjuncts
CNPprogram-L Counseling Psychology Program
Coach-educator Coach-Educator listserv at University of Denver
Coecoaches07-08 list serve for COE coaches
Cohort53-south Cohort 53 South Study Team Mail List
Coleads-cmte Plannning committee for COLEADS summit
Colldev-l collection mgmt issues at the University of Denver Libraries
Colo-admins Collocation Administrators Requests
Colo-tenants Communications to UTS colocation tenants.
Community-wc The DU Community Writing Center
Comn-cont Communication Studies Grad Students
Comn-faculty Department of Communication Studies Faculty List
Comn-gti Comm Studies GTI Listserve
contact-AACT All inquiries to DU AACT lab
Conv-request Use email attachment for your event
Copier_paper Central Stores Ordering
CP-Alumni Alumni and Friends of Counseling Psych
Cpmastudents-l CP MA students and faculty
Cpphdstudents-l CP PhD students and faculty
Crimson-l Campus Life & I.E. Directors
Critical-theory Critical Theory
Csf-du Catholic Student Fellowship at DU
Csf-leaders Students Leaders of CSF
Cst-l Curriculum Studies & Teaching Program
Cui1gifted-edd Students in the C&I Gifted EdD program
Cui2gifted-edd Students in C&I Gifted EdD program(2)
Cui3gifted-edd Students in the C&I Gifted EdD Program
Cwc-currentstu Students currently attending CWC
Cwc-faculty All CWC Faculty
Cwc-qtrfac Current Quarter CWC Faculty
Cwc-staffappfac Staff and Appointed Faculty of CWC
Cwcscholars-16 CWC Leadership Scholars Cohort 2016
Cwcscholars-17 CWC Leadership Scholars Cohort 2017
Cwcscholars-18 CWC Leadership Scholars Cohort 2018
Cwcscholars-19 CWC Leadership Scholars 2019 Cohort
Dancearchive-l E-mail to dance collection staff
Daniels-adjunct Daniels Adjunct Faculty Mailing List
Daniels-chairs Daniels chairs
Daniels-CS Suitts Taylor Knoebel DCS
Daniels-faculty Daniels' Faculty Mailing List
Daniels-nastaff Daniels Non-Appointed Staff List
Daniels-ocm Daniels OCM Communications
Daniels-smc Sports Management Commission
Daniels-staff Daniels' Staff Mailing List
Datacomm-l UTS Telecomm Services Email List
Datatel-l UTS Telecommunications
Dcb-clasrmsuprt DCB Classroom Support General
Dcfibertie-l List for Q&A for bidders
Ddd-house girls living in the house & advisors
Ddd-newmembers New members of Tri Delta
Ddd-officers tri-delta officers and advisers
Deans2019-2020 List of current DU Deans for 2019-2020
Delta-gamma Communication within Delta Gamma
Delta-zeta Communication within Delta Zeta Sorority
Deltagamma-cmt Email for Delta Gamma leadership
Democratic-indv Democratic Individuality Blog
Denver-andros for those in andros; a subset of Cru
Denver-polisci Political Science Major List
Denvermba-2016 Denver MBA List Serve
Denvermba-2017 Denver MBA List Serve
Denvermba-2020 DMBA Class of 2020 List Serv
Dg-newmember List serve for Delta Gamma new members
Dig-commons Digital Commons List
Digital-gspp GSPP Capstone and Masters
Dis-claimer independent, student-run newspaper
Distance-ed Distance classes
Div-ambassadors Undergraduate Diversity Ambassadors
Dlteam-l Divisional Leadership Team
Dm-webdesign Digital Media Website Design
Dmba-2018 Denver MBA Class of 2018 list-serve
Dmba-cohort4 Denver MBA Cohort 4
Doom-lab Listserv for the DOOM Lab
Dps-l Digital Production Services business
Dq-subscribers Manage Subscriptions
DU-Advancement The full DU Advancement team
Du-advisors Advising Issues at DU
Du-AHA ARTH & ANTHRO Museum Studies Grad Org
DU-Ambassadors Student Foundation - Student Trustees
Du-AnthroEvents [no description available]
Du-asianalumni DU Asian Alumni Affinity Group
Du-avconsortium a listserv for DU-AV Consortium
Du-bamsa DU BAMSA List Serv
Du-blackalumni DU Black Alumni Affinity Group
Du-bomgarusers Communication among Bomgar users
du-bsa This is a listserv for BSA members
DU-CAC Colleges Against Cancer
Du-careercntr Career Center staff communication
Du-careersvcs Campus Career Services Information
Du-catv Cable Television @ DU
Du-chapadvisors Communication with Chapter advisors
Du-cru For those involved with Cru
Du-deans This list is for the deans of DU.
Du-deansstaff List of current DU Deans & Assistants
Du-debateunion DU debate team
Du-dems An email list for DU Democrats
Du-deptadmin Notify reseach admin and contacts
Du-dfscholars Email for Daniels Fund Scholars at DU
Du-dialogues DUers for dialogue event info
Du-dsp Delta Sigma Pi Mailing List
Du-dti Department Information Contact
DU-ELI Communication for all ELI students
DU-EMS Emailing list for DU EMS
Du-estem2017 ESTEM Cohort 2017
Du-estem2018 E-STEM Cohort 2018
Du-estemteam E-STEM Peer Leaders and Staff
DU-ET DU Environmental Team
Du-facilitators trained DU DialogUes facilitators
Du-flyfishing DU Fly Fishing Club
Du-foca Faculty of Color Association
Du-francoscope DU French club
Du-hcb Communication with House Boards
Du-idt DU Instructional Design/Tech
Du-iecollective To connect IE Collective with IE news
DU-iModules DU iModules User Community
Du-indigenous DU Indigenous Alumni Affinity Group
Du-interfaith DU-related, interfaith community group
DU-IRISE Listserve for IRISE subscribers
Du-jiminy Jiminy Wicket announcements
DU-LASA Latin American Studies Association
Du-latinoalumni DU Latino Alumni Affinity Group
DU-latinocenter Listserv for The DU Latino Center
Du-military DU member with prior military service
DU-MSA Muslim Student Association-DU
du-nsa Native Student Alliance
Du-nsbe DU National Society of Black Engineers
Du-nsf NSF Proposal Guide
Du-opag Online Program Administration Group
Du-osp Sponsored Programs Notices
Du-outages Technology Outages at DU
DU-Parkour DU Parkour and Freerunning Club
Du-pda PDA user group
DU-PepBand Pioneer Pep Band Listserv
Du-pi Principal Investigators
Du-pmc DU Peacemaking Circle participants
Du-printadmins Notification for Local Printer Admins
Du-printers UTS Mailing List for Public Printers
DU-QUE Group for queer staff and allies.
Du-racecycling Members of DU Club Cycling Race Team
Du-recruitment Panhellenic Recruitment
Du-research AP Research information exchange
DU-Retirees Retired University Personnel
DU-RMRDCwrkgrp Researchers interested in the RMRDC
du-roosevelt List for DU Roosevelt Institute
Du-signs Support for digital signs and Four Winds Interactive
DU-SPS DU Society of Physics Students
Du-tappers Connecting all members of DU Tappers.
Du-teaching Discuss & share ideas about teaching
Du-Teleconf Conference call information
DU-Theatre DU's Theatre Department
Du-tolc Teaching Online Learning Community
Du-usg Undergraduate Student Government
DU-Volunteers Inform Members About Future Events
Du-women Professional development
Du4wi-users 4 Winds Interactive Digital Sign Users
Duac-officers Alpine Club officer core list serve
Duart-board The DU ART! Board of Directors
Ducr-community To inform the community
Ducr-list DU College Republicans Listserv
Dugs-team DU Grilling Society (DUGS)
Duia-l DU Interfaith Advocates
DULaw-Dems E-mail list for the DU Law Dems
Dulib-govdocs Penrose Library Government Documents
Dumcr-l Metro CareRing participants
Duop-club DU Outdoor Photography Club
Durc-l DU Religious Council discussions
Dusc-govt Communications for the DUSC govt
DUSC-Volunteer DU Service & Change Updates
Dusps-exec Executive Team for SPS
Duwc-1 DU Womens Coalition Groups
Dz-house Delta Zeta in house list serv
Dz-newmembers New Members of Delta Zeta
Dz-newmembers1 Delta Zeta's New Member Class
E-stem2017 2nd Year E-STEM Scholars
E-stem2018 1st year E-STEM Scholar 2018 cohort
E-stempl Peer Leaders for E-STEM
E-stemscholars All E-STEM program scholars
Ece-dept ECE Department Mailing List
Ece-fac ECE Faculty Mailing List
Econ-alumni Econ Alumni
Econ-faculty Econ Faculty list-serv
Econ-fstgrad first year grad list serve
Econ-ma Communicate with MA Graduate Students
Econ-majors Economics Majors Information
Econadvisor-cn Christine Ngo's advising list
Econadvisor-cp Professor Chiara's advising list
Econadvisor-jcl Economic advising list serve
Econadvisor-ms Prof. Markus Schneider's Advising List
Econadvisor-ru Prof. Urquhart Advisor List
Econadvisor-tm Prof. Mott Advisor List
Econadvisor-yy Dept. of Economics
Ecse-morgridge Students in the ECSE program at MCE
Edp-adjunct EDP adjunct faculty discussions
Edp-affiliates Faculty & staff affiliated with EDP
Edp-alumni Updates for DMS, eMAD, and EDP alumni
Edp-community News and updates for the extended EDP community
Edp-faculty EDP faculty discussions
Edp-grad Mailinglist for EDP graduate students
edp-localalumni A listserv to reach out to CO alumni
Edp-minors EDP minors
Edp-prospgrad Prospective Graduate Listserv
Edp-ugrad Mailinglist for EDP students
ELC-l ELC Communications
Elevate-support DU Elevate Support notifications
Eli-2013 communication for the 2013 ELI class
Eli-2014 For members of the 2014 ELI class
Eli-2015 ELI Class of 2015
Eli-2016 List for 2016 ELI members
Eli-2017 Excelling Leaders Institute 2017 class
Eli-2018 Excelling Leaders Institute 2018 class
ELI-Alumni Connect ELI graduates to ELI resources as well as undergrad to alumni
ELPS-Alumni Ed Leadership and Policy Studies
Elps-edd Doctoral papers for ELPS
ELPS-Students Listserv to/for ELPS current students
Email-list ICT 4000 Email List
Emba-49 Communication with EMBA Class 49
Emba-50 Communication with EMBA Class 50
Emba-51 Communication with EMBA Class 51
Emba-54 Communication with EMBA Class 54
Emba-55 Communication with EMBA Class 55
Emba-56 Communication with EMBA Class 56
Emba-57 Communication with EMBA Class 57
Emba-58 Communication with EMBA Class 58
Emba-59 Communication with EMBA Class 59
Emba-60 Communication with EMBA Class 60
Emba-61 Communication with EMBA Class 61
Emba-62 Communication wth EMBA Class 62
Emba-63 Communication with EMBA Class 63
Emba-64 Communication with EMBA Class 64
Emba-65 Communication with EMBA Class 65
Emba-66 Communication with EMBA Class 66
Emba-67 Communication with EMBA Class 67
Emba-68 Communication with EMBA Class 68
Emba-69 Communication with EMBA 69 Cohort
Emba-70 Communication with EMBA 70 Cohort
Emba-71 Communication with EMBA Class 71
Emba-72 Communication with EMBA Class 72
Emba-73 Communication with EMBA Cohort 73
Emba-74 Communication with Emba cohort 74
EMBA-AlumniReps For EMBA Alumni event planning
Emba-fac Connects EMBA faculty members.
Emba59-students For students of EMBA cohort only
Employment-rec Recreation Employment
Eng-grad1 English graduates in their 1st year
Eng-grad2 2nd year English grad students
Eng-grad3 3rd yr. English grad students
Eng-grad4plus [no description available]
English-grads list of English graduate students
English-ma List of the MA graduate students
English-ma1 [no description available]
English-ma2 List to email 2nd year MA in English
Englishfac-l english
Englishmaj-l english undergraduate majors
Engr-fac Engineering Faculty
Engr-grads Ritchie School Engineering grads
Engr-ugrads Ritchie School Engineering Undergrads
Envtlclinic-dir Environmental Law Clinic Directors
Eresources-l University Libraries E-Resources Group
Es-clone List of clone testers
Esllc-2010 Communication for ESLLC 2010
Esllc-2011 Communications of the ESLLC 2011
Esllc-2012 Communications of the ESLLC 2012
Esllc-2013 Communications of the ESLLC 2013
Esllc-2014 Official mailings for ESLLC 2014-2015
Esllc-2015 Official mailings for ESLLC 2015-2016
Esllc-2016 Official mailings for ESLLC 2016-2017
Esllc-2017 Official mailings for ESLLC 2017-2018
Esllc-2018 Official mailings for ESLLC 2018-2019
Esllc-2019 Mailing list for ESLLC students
Ethnography-lab DU Ethnography lab for students, staff, faculty and community partners.
F-sem First-Year Seminar Instructors & Admin
Fa-graddepts Office of Financial Aid Departmental Communications
Fac-ethnography Discussion listserv for faculty affiliated to DU's Ethnography Lab
Facilities-mgmt Facilities Mgmt web email
Facsurvey-1 DU Facilities Sightlines Survey
Faculty-senate Contact to all faculty senate members
FBG-l Jr. Fac. Research and Writing Group
Fcn-lab All FCN Lab Personnel
Feedback-lib Feedback on Anderson Academic Commons
Film-ug Film Studies & Production majors
Foodrecovery-l Food Recovery at DU updates
Fraternity-pres Fraternity Presidents
French-majors French & Francophone Majors & Minors
Fulfac-langlit Dept. of Languages and Literatures
Fusion-l Collaborating Christians on campus
Fye-mentors Disc leaders year-long mentor prog
Gamma-phi Gamma Phi Beta- a Greek organization
Gardens-du Communication for the DU Gardens
Geog-alumni Graduated students from the department
Geog-colloquium Geog Colloquium Series Announcements
Geog-facstaff Geography Department Faculty and Staff
Geog-faculty Geography Department Faculty
Geog-grads Geography Department Graduate Students
Geog-ugrads Geography Department Undergraduates
Geogadvis-ag Andrew Goetz advising
Geogadvis-ds Donald Sullivan
Geogadvis-eb Eric Boschmann advising
Geogadvis-et Erika Trigoso advising
Geogadvis-hh Hillary Hamann advising
Geogadvis-hz Helen Hazen advising
Geogadvis-jl Jing Li advising
Geogadvis-kk Kris Kuzera
Geogadvis-md Michael Daniels advising
Geogadvis-mjk Michael Keables advising
Geogadvis-mk Michael Kerwin advising
Geogadvis-mt Matthew Taylor advising
Geogadvis-ps Paul Sutton advising
Geogadvis-rp Rebecca Powell advising
German-club German-speaking events
German-majors German Majors and Minors
Gftei-list GFTEI Distribution List
Ggcsr-2016 Graduate Certificate Program
Gha-friend global health affairs program friends
Giftedconf-pal Gifted Conference Palmarium Award
Giftededconf-a Gifted Conference Attendees
Global-ambs List for OIE's Global Ambassadors
Global-ed MCE Global Education Network
Global-fellows List for OIE's Global Fellows
Gmnt-list to get quotes from venders
Gold-l Gold meeting
Gsis-china China Center Information
Gsis-jcc Journal of Contemporary China
Gspp-boa Board of Advisors (BOA) email list
GSPP-BOF Board of Friends (BOF) email list
Gspp-faculty GSPP faculty
Gspp-military Military Psychology Community, GSPP
Gspp-staff GSPP staff
Gssw-agency GSSW Field Agency info
Gssw-distance List for 4C and WestCO MSW Students
Gssw-fcfield GSSW Four Corners Agency Contacts
Gssw-field Communicate with GSSW Agency Contacts
Gssw-gsa GSSW Graduate Student Association
Gssw-lcall Info for alumni and current cohort
Gssw-lcalumni Resource community for DU LC alumni
Gssw-lcstudent Building community among LC students
Gssw-qea GSSW's Queer Equality Alliance
Gssw-students GSSW information for students
Gsswwest-events Community Events and Announcements
Gwomens-council The Graduate Women's Council
Gwst-exec GWST Executive Committee
Gwst-fac Gender and Women's Studies Faculty
Gwst-friends Gender and Women's Studies
Gwst-students Gender & Women's Studies students
HA-Master Communication with current students
HC-Operations Hampden Center Operations
Hdl-l DU Human Dynamics Laboratory
Health-list Huckins test list
Hebrew-minors Hebrew Minors
Hed-partners Community Partners of HED
Helpcenter-l IT Help Center Staff Communication
Helpdeskleads-l Communication to lead supervisors
Hermana-latina For Latina grad students and faculty
Hermanas-latina Hermanas Latinas group at DU
HERS-brynmawr17 HERS Institute Alumnae 2017 Class, Bryn Mawr
HERS-brynmawr18 HERS Institute, Bryn Mawr campus 2018
HERS-brynmawr19 HERS Institute, Class of 2019, Bryn Mawr campus
HERS-denver17 2017 HERS Institute, June, Denver
HERS-denver19 HERS Institute, Class of 2019, Denver location
HERS-Denver2018 HERS Institute, Denver location 2018
Hers-faculty Members of HERS Institute faculty
HERS-NSNS HERS Next Stages Next Steps
HERS-WC1617 HERS Institute at WC 16-17
HERS-wc1819 HERS Institute, Wellesley 2018-19
Hers-wc1920 HERS participants from Wellesley 19-20
HERSwc17-18 HERS Institute Wellesley 2017-18
HESA-1 Higher Education Program
Higher-Ed Higher Education Program
Highered-edd Doctoral Research Projects - MCE/HE
History-dept History Professors
History-majors History Department Majors and Minors
Hnrs-2007 Incoming Honors class of 2007
Hnrs-2011 listserv for 2011 Honors first years
Hnrs-2012 for entering honors students 2012
Hnrs-2013 for 2013 Honors Program students
Hnrs-2014 for first year Honors students 2014
Hnrs-2015 for incoming honors students 2015
Hnrs-2016 for first year honors students 2016
Hnrs-2017 for honors students entering in 2017
Hnrs-2018 for incoming 2018 honors students
Hnrs-2019 for incoming 2019 honors students
Hnrs-council list for members of the Honors Council
Hnrscouncil-07 information for Honors Council members
Hnrsfaculty-07 communication with honors faculty
Horowitz-lab Email for the Horowitz research lab
House-directors Greek House Directors
Hpc-admin HPC local admin
hpc-steering HPC Steering Committee
Hpc-users HPC Users Group
Hrd-info Information about HRD (employee dev't)
Hre-adm HRE Assistant Desk Managers
Hre-da HRE Desk Assistants
Hre-dm HRE Desk Managers
Hrepro-1 HRE professional staff
I-llc2015 I LLC email list
I-ops Athletics and Recreation Internal Ops
I-share Furniture and Office Supply Sharing
Ibalum-all DU IMBA graduates
Idge-monograph Perspectives in Gifted Ed monograph
Idios-du DU's premiere a cappella group
Iellc2018-2019 Mailing list for IELLC 2018-19
Iellc2019-2020 Information for IELLC
Ifs-News News Updates from the Pardee Center
Igs-minor Intercultural Global Studies minor
Iic-alumni IIC Alumni Listserv
Iic-list Mailing List for DU IIC Program
Il-cuore Italian Language Cultural club.
Ill_dept University Libraries Interlibrary Loan
Illc2013-2014 Members of the ILLC 2013-2014
Illc2014-2015 Students in the International LLC
Illc2016-2017 Members of the ILLC 2016-2017
Illc2017-2018 Members of the ILLC 2017-2018
Illc2018-2019 Mailing list for the 2018-19 ILLC
Illc2019-2020 Information for ILLC
Imba-majors information for IMBA students
iModules-admin iModules Administrators
Info-DHCP UTS managed DHCP server contact
Info-DNS DNS contact address
Info-firewall UTS firewall request and information
Info-fsss IT Field Support
Info-MLM Information and questions on MLM
Info-nac Inform Network Security -NAC issues
Info-vc List for Video Conferencing @ DU
info-vdi Assistance for VMware Virtual Desktop infrastructure
Info-vmware List for VMware informational alerts
Info-vpn VPN info-external, wireless and banner
Info-wireless UTS - Wireless Networks
Infosec-Team List for infosec engineers
Infosec-urgent urgent notifications for infosec group
Ints-undergrads Korbel Undergraduate Students
Intz-2501 Instructors of INTZ 2501
Intz-council Internationalization Council list
Intz-directors Listserv for all central staff in INTZ
Intz-grants Distribution of INTZ grants
Intz-listserv Office of internationalization Mailing List
Intz-summit Intz Summit Committee list
Invictus-du The DU Invictus Initiative
Is-spam List for fine tuning the DU spam blockers for detecting spam
Iso-du Mailing list for the ISO
Issp-info Information for ISSP members
ISSS-info ISSS Information
Isss-students ISSS students
Italian-majors Italian Majors and Minors
Itec-saeboard The ITEC SA Exec. Board Mailing list
Japanese-minors Japanese Minors
Jclp-editors Editors for JCLP
Jcollab-l Journal of Collaborative Librarianship
Jdp-gtas listserve for Joint PhD GTAs
JKSIS-ma all JKSIS MA students
JKSIS-phd All JKSIS Ph.D. students
Jointphd-alumni alumni of the DU/Iliff Joint PhD
Jointphd-fac To share info with faculty of the JDP
Jointphd-stdnts For communication with JDP students
Journalism-ug Journalism Studies majors
Jtc-l Joint Council Listserv
Jwwriters-sn JWW supports SN academic productivity
Kappa_1 PhiBeta Kappa
korbel-kats People around Korbel who like Cats
Korbel-minerva Minerva funded grant work
KVDU-Radio KVDU Radio Info list
Lamont-comp Listserv for Lamont composers
Langlit-dept Full departmental list with adjuncts
Langlit-lecture Listserv for Langlit Lecturers
Langlit-tp For all teaching professors
Langlit-tt Tenure-track faculty only
Latin-minors Latin Minors
Latino-grads To connect DU Latinx grad students
Latino-psych GSPP Latino Psychology Community
Lawlib-acq Law Library Acquisitions
Lawlib-support Law Library Support by Penrose
Leadership-Acad Members of the Leadership Academy
LEP-counselors Internal staff list of LEP counselors
Lep-info Learning Effectiveness Program
Lep-lateorsick LEP staff to say out sick,late, out of the office
Lep-students To communicate with LEP students
Lib-leadership Lib Leadership Council Advisory Cttes
Library-all Info for Univ Library appointed employees
Library-aug Listserv for the Alma Users Group
Library-avstaff AV Staff
Library-cmg Content Management Group
Library-deliver Communication for document delivery
Library-eac Library Events and Artworks Committee
Library-emt Library Emergency Management Team
Library-endproc University Libraries End Processing
Library-faculty University Libraries Faculty
Library-garden garden plot listserv for library
Library-hampden Library Staff in Stacks Department
Library-hourly Main Library Hourly Staff
Library-pr Penrose Library PR listserv
Libschool-l LIS Program Faculty and Students
Lisa-l Library and Information Science Student and Alumni Association
Listserv-test Administrative listserv for testing
LL-MajorsMinors For majors/minors of programs in L&L.
Lli-2016 Latino Leadership Institute 2016
Lmchild-society Author Society for Lydia Maria Child
Lock-list for bid and key requests
LSA-List Discussion and information about the University of Denver Latino Student Alliance.
LSMA-newsletter Academy email lists for newsletters
Lsmpo-mail LSMPO Board Members
Mar-bookclub Pioneer Book Club
Marcomm-allteam Marketing & Communication Team Members
Marcomm-leaders Marketing & Communication Leadership
Masc-alumni List for MASC alumni
Masc-students List for MASC students
Math-women Women in Mathematics at DU
Mba2u-alumni Communicate with MBA@Denver alums
MBA2U-CLeads For course leads in MBA@Denver
MBA2U-Faculty Communication among faculty/staff
Mba2u-students Communicate with MBA@Denver students
MCAT-club DU Pre-Health Society listserv
Mce-qssa MCE QSSA Group address
MCE-TLS MCE-TLS Faculty and Staff
Mcetep-alumni MCE TEP Alumni List
Mdp-program MDP Updates
Media-ug Media Studies majors
Mens-biblestudy Graduate or graduated mens biblestudy
Messi-members Communication for MESSI members
Mfjs-alumni Email list for MFJS alumni.
Mfjs-dept MFJS Department--Faculty & Staff
Mfjs-fac Contact list for MFJS faculty
Mfjs-grad Email list for MFJS graduate students
Mgmt-adj Management Department Adjunct Faculty
Mgmt-fac Management Department
MHC-sportpsych MHC chatter
Middle-east Announcements on the Middle East and Islamic World
Mig-psy Multicultural Interest Group PsychDept
Mike-test mike-test
Mktg-aboard List of advisory board members
Mktg-adj Marketing Department Adjunct Faculty
Mktg-fac Marketing Department
Mktg-grad DCB Marketing Graduate Students
Mktg-majors Marketing Majors
Mktg-tt Tenure track marketing faculty
ML-Managers announcement list for managers of mailing lists
Mlisonline-l listserv for online MLIS
Mme-dept MME Department Mailing List
Mme-fac MME Department Faculty Mailing List
Model-un Model United Nations discussion forum
Month-end To send messages from the Controller.
Mpmla-l Mtn/Plains Chapter, Music Lib.Assoc.
Mrb-tech Technical support for MRB meeting rooms
MSLA-Alumni MSJA/MSLA communication tool
Mtevans-l Mt. Evans/High Altitude Site
Nagel-Desk [no description available]
Nagpra-practice NAGPRA Community of Practice
Nasss-serv North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
Neh-med NEH Summer Institute Participant List
Never-Again Discussion list for Never Again!
Newstu-portal New Student Portal committee members
Nrp-lab For members of Davis Lab
Nsm-faculty NSM Faculty
Nsm-staff STAFF
Nsm-women Female faculty in STEM at DU
OL-Contacts OL Contact List
Order-Omega Greek Honor Society
Osp-friends DU Biennial Conference
P-partners Pioneer Partner Tutoring program info
P3-students This will help email students easily
Peace-corps Peace Corps Community Listserv
Penrose-ebooks Library list for ebook MARC records
Penrose-liaison University Libraries Liaisons
Phil-students Dept. communication with PHIL students
Phonesupport-l UTS HelpCenter Phone Support mail list
Pi-jobs Publishing Institute Job Board
Piosphere-su PioSphere Super User's
Pirlsteam-l For PIRLS team discussions.
Plp-class2015 PLP Class of 2015 Communication
Plp-class2016 To communicate news and updates.
Plp-class2017 Communicate with PLP class of 2017
Plp-class2018 Communicate with Class of 2018
Plp-class2019 Communication- the PLP Class of 2019
Plp-class2020 PLP class of 2020 info
Plp-class2021 Listserv for the PLP Class of 2021
Plp-class2022 PLP Class of 2022
Plp-class2023 PLP Class of 2023
Pmba-01 Communication with PMBA Class 01
Pmba-04 Communication with PMBA Class 04
Pmba-05 Communication with PMBA Class 05
Pmba-06 Communication with PMBA Class 06
Pmba-07 Communication with PMBA Class 07
Pmba-08 Communication with PMBA Class 08
Pmba-09 Communication with PMBA 09
Pmba-10 Communication with PMBA Class 10
Pmba-11 Communication with PMBA Class 11
Pmba-12 Communication with PMBA Class 12
Pmba-13 PMBA 13 students, staff & faculty
Pmba-14 PMBA 14 communications
Pmba-15 PMBA 15 communications
Pmba-16 PMBA 16 cohort, staff and faculty
Pmba-17 PMBA 17
pmba-18 students and staff in PMBA 18
pmba-19 pmba-19
pmba-20 students and staff in PMBA 20
pmba-21 students and staff in PMBA 21
Pmba-22 Students, Faculty and Staff of Pmba-22
pmba-fac Used to connect PMBA faculty
Pmbae-02 Communication w/ Evening PMBA Class 02
Pmbaw-02 Communication w/ Weekend PMBA Class 02
Policy-students Public Policy graduate students
Policystu-ug Policy undergraduate students.
Ppc-l Pioneer Programming Council
Pre-health communication with Pre-health students
Pre-law DU Pre-Law
Pre-med Allied Health pre-professonal
Profdev-steer Current members of the Prof Dev Eng SC
Projectx-ite Project X-ITE Staff List
Psi-chi Psi Chi Honor Society & Psychology Club
Psy-allgroups All core groups
Psy-alumni Recent Psychology Alumni list
Psy-areaheads Psychology Faculty ( Area Heads )
Psy-ascbrownbag Psych ASC faculty, grads, postdocs
Psy-ceevent To share upcoming CE events
Psy-clintenline Clinical Tenure Line
Psy-cognugrads COGN Concentration Undergraduates
Psy-colloquia Non-departmental Colloquia Invite List
Psy-compcomm Psychology Computer Committee
Psy-DivComm Inclusive Excellence Committee
Psy-emeriti Emeritus List
Psy-facemeriti Psychology Faculty (Emeriti)
Psy-facresearch List of research professors
Psy-facteaching Teaching Faculty in Dept of Psych
Psy-faculty Psychology Faculty ( All )
Psy-facultyasc Psychology Faculty ( ASC )
Psy-facultyclin Psychology Faculty ( Clinical )
Psy-facultydcn Psychology Faculty ( DCN )
Psy-facultydev Psychology Faculty ( Developmental )
Psy-GradAffairs Psychology Graduate Affairs Committee
Psy-graduates Psychology Students (All Graduates)
Psy-PersComm Psychology Personnel Committee
Psy-postdocs Psychology Postdocs
Psy-seed SEED Center listserv
Psy-staff Psychology Staff ( All )
Psy-staffdept Psychology Staff ( Department )
Psy-stplancomm Strategic Planning Committee listserv
Psy-studentasc Psychology Students ( ASC )
Psy-studentclin Psychology Students ( Clinical )
Psy-studentdcn Psychology Students ( DCN )
Psy-studentdev Psychology Students ( Developmental )
Psy-UGAffairs Psychology Undergrad Affairs Committee
Psy-visitadj Visiting and adjunct faculty list
Psyc-ugrads Psychology majors and minors
Qssa-admin QSSA admin leader list
Queer-faculty DU Queer Faculty Association
Recreation-ft [no description available]
Ref-students Students at the Research Center desk
Reference-ill ILL requests referred to Reference
Reffac-l University Libraries Reference Faculty
Res-students Students enrolled in RES minor
Research-help Penrose email research and reference questions.
Retiree-board Retired University Personnel Board
Rickscenter-L Ricks Center Staff and Faculty
Rlgs-events Religious Studies event announcements
Rlgs-grads communication with RLGS grad students
Rlgs-undergrads communication with RLGS undergrads
Rmsprogram-l Research Methods & Statistics Program
RSECS-AllTeam RSECS Strategic All Team Members
Rsecs-amplify Rsecs-amplify
Rsecs-clustergp RSECS Clusters Group
Rsecs-dean Ritchie School Dean's Office
Rsecs-deansrch Ritchie School Dean Search
RSECS-DigitalT RSECS Strategic Digital LiteracyTeam
Rsecs-facstaff Ritchie School Faculty&Staff Full List
Rsecs-specialcm RSECS Special Community Members
Rsecs-staffmtg RSECS Staff Meeting List
RSECS-TeamLeads RSECS Strategic Team Leads
RSECS-UGradT RSECS Strategic UG Team
Russian-majors Russian Majors & Minors
RyanEG-Advising RyanEG's HED Advising Group
Sa-course Study abroad course pilot list
Saah-adjuncts School of Art adjuncts & staff
Saah-faculty School of Art faculty
SAAH-grads School of Art and Art History Graduate Students
Saah-students School of Art undergraduate students
SAC-Issues SAC Staff Issues Comm. Internal
Sante-health Students for Global Health
Sayf-lab Gudino Lab mailing list
Scf-alumni List for SCFCERT alumni
Scf-students List for SCFCERT students
sds-l Students for a Democratic Society
Secs-it SECS IT Support
Senior-staff Senior Staff email list.
Sf-africa Students concerned with African issues
shlab-general for general interest in SH Lab info
Sigchi-alumni Sigma Chi Alumni
Sigmachi-hc Sigma Chi House Corporation
Signage-owners Digital signage owners at DU
Sisepuede_l Latinos in Higher Education Network
Sistah-network SN supports Black women grad students
Sjc-2003-2004 Social Justice Community 2003-2004
Sjc-2004-2005 Announcements for students in the SJC
Sjllc-2019 Social Justice LLC 2019-2020
Sjllc2011-2012 Members of the SJLLC 2011-2012
Sjllc2012-2013 Social Justice LLC class 2012-2013
Sjllc2013-2014 Students in the SJLLC class of 2017
Sjllc2014-2015 Students in the Social Justice LLC
Sjllc2015-2016 Students in the Social Justice LLC
Sjllc2016-2017 SJLLC class of 2016-2017
Sjllc2017-2018 Social Justice LLC 2017-18
Sjllc2018-19 Listserv for the SJLLC community.
Ski-team Active Ski Team 2015-16
Sla-dulisgroup DU Student Group for SLA
Slgs-students To communicate with all students
Sms-tester test sms messages
Snag-l UTS System and Network Administration
Soar-du Questions regarding SOAR Program
Socio-Legal Socio-Legal Studies Majors
Sophia-society Philosophy Club
Sorority-pres Sorority presidents
South-du Volunteers for South High School
Span-ft Full time Spanish faculty
Span-majors For Spanish majors & minors
Span-tp Specific for Spanish faculty
Span-tt Specific for spanish tt
Spanish-core Spanish lecturers & tenure track faculty
Spanish-fullfac Listserv for entire Spanish faculty (including adjuncts)
Spp-alum Communication portal for MASPP alum
Ssc-denver The Saudi Students Club in Denver
Ssla-law Spanish Speaking Lawyers Ass'n
Ssrr09-paper Paper Submission List for 2009 SSRR
Stacks-l Hampden Center--Penrose Library
Staff-advisory Staff Advisory Council listserv
Stdntorg-leader Student Org Listserv
Stella-l SciTechEng Library Leaders in Action
Stratcomm-ug Strategic Communication majors
Sturm-chairs CAHSS Chairs in Sturm Hall
Sturm-staff CAHSS Staff in Sturm Hall
Summit_06 Summit 6 faculty and students list
sustain-ability Sustainability news, events, and ideas from the Sustainability Council.
Syrianstudies-f Syrian Studies Association
Syrianstudies-m Syrian Studies Assn members
Teacher-Ed Teacher Education Program
Teaching-jobs Job opportunities for teachers
Tep-dualdegree Students in the dual-degree program.
Tep-duals TEP Dual degree students
Tep-l TEP students and faculty
Theatre-DUDE DU Drama Ensemble
Theta_Chi Undergraduate Communication for Theta Chi Fraternity
Thetachi-eboard Executive Board Mailing for Theta Chi
Thetachi-exec Communications for Theta Chi Exec
Tit-committee Teach In Tuesday Steering Committee
Tls-edd Tls-edd
Transfer-stu Group of 1st year transfer students.
Tri-delta Communication with Tri Delta members
Trope-age Invited discussion in writing programs
Twcalumnae-all Information for all TWC Alumnae
Tx2-l TX2 - Transfer Student Organization
Ua-ackreports UA Acknowledgement Reports
Ua-ag UA Annual Giving team
Ua-athletics communications between ua & athletics
Ua-exceptions Additional members to UA lists
Ua-it IT staff in UA
Ua-ldevofficers UA Development Officers
Ubsa-daniels Daniels leadership channel
Ucol-bacp UCOL BACP Student Mailing List
Ucol-epm University College EPM students
Ucol-faculty Notify University College faculty
Ucol-hcl mailing list for healthcare leadership
Ucol-modl UCOL MODL Students
Ucol-smgt UCollege Security Management program
Ucol-tele University College TELE list
Ucol_all University College General E-Mail List
ucs-voip mgmt of voip in ucs
Udas-du UniversityofDenver Advertising Society
Udl-denver UDL in Denver
UDS-staff All staff, incl workstudies, of UDS
Ufi-du United for Israel listserv
Ug-cord Undergraduate listserv for CORD
Ug-council Undergraduate Council
Ug-portfolio FIN 3770 UG Portfolio class 2007
Ug-research Undergraduate Research Center
UG-Slate Slate Advisory Committee
Uitg-academic UITG Academic List
Uitg-all Unified IT Governance Organization
Uitg-apprt UITG Administrative List
Uitg-ipprt UITG Infrastructure List
Uncc-l UNCC Locate Notification
Unitefor-sight Unite For Sight Community Fellows
Userserv-l User/Patron Services Steering Comm
Usg-comms Undergrad Student Govt Communications
Usg-diversity USG Diversity Committee listserv
USG-Exec Communication for USG Executive
Usg-Judicial Communication for USG Judicial Branch
Uts-custserv List for all Customer Service staff
Uts-internal Internal List for UTS Personnel
Uts-operations List for Computer Operations Personnel
uts-power UTS UPS and Power Systems
Uts-test Test List for UTS
Uts-vewfd UTS VEWFD Alerts
Vail_02 Communication with Vail 2 MBA students
Vail_03 communication for Vail 03 courses
Vball-club DU Club Volleyball
VDI-Users System info for Virtual Desktop users
Video-services Video Production Services
Video-srvadmin Video Streaming - Server Admin list
Videostream-tech Video streaming at DU technical discussions
Vinculum-l DU Computer and Network Support People
VIP-Coordinator VIP Partnership Program Coordinators
VIP-Directors Communication for the VIP program
Vip-firstyear VIP first year students
VIP-Lincoln vip-lincoln
VIP-Students VIP Program
VPEC-list The VPEC Lab's mailing list
VSA-DU DU Vietnamese Student Association
WAND-l Women's Alliance Networking & Devel
Winter-break Winter Break RA and DA mailing list
Wkstdy_sprvsrs [no description available]
Wlc-du Women's Leadership Council
Wllc-2010 Communication for the WLLC 2010
Wllc-2011 Communications for the WLLC 2011
Wllc-2012 Communications for the WLLC 2012
Wllc-2013 Communications for the WLLC 2013
Wllc-2014 official mailings of WLLC 2014-2015
Wllc-2015 Official mailings of WLLC 2015-2016
Wllc-2016 Official mailings of WLLC 2016-2017
Wllc-2017 Official mailings of WLLC 2017-2018
Wllc-2018 Official mailings of WLLC 2018-2019
Wllc-2019 Wellness LLC 2019-2020
Womens-conf womens conference planning committee
Womensconf-plan DU Women's Conference Planning Cmtte
World-affairs Discussing world affairs and activism
World-lang_co Metro Area World Languages Teachers
Wpa-testing Contact address for WPA testers, and internal WPA discussion
Wpa60-l Senior WPA Research Conversation
Wrc-l Staff listserv for UWC
Wushu-l DU Wushu Club Mailing List
X-ITEfaculty Project X-ITE News & Events
Xc-competitive DU Club XC Competitive Team
xite-alumni Project X-ITE News for DU Alumni
xite-community Project X-ITE Denver & CO Community
xite-parents Project X-ITE Parents List
Xite-sab Project X-ITE Student Advisory Board
Xite-students Project X-ITE Announcements
Xite-unitadvo For Project X-ITE unit-level contacts
Xiteftd-copilot XITEFTD-CoPilot
Xiteftd-entr XITEFTD-ENTR
XiteFTD-Pilot XITEFTD-Pilot
Xmba-mtn_fac xmba and mtn faculty mailing list.
Xmba_27 Communication with xmba class 27.
Xmba_28 Communication with xmba class 28.
Xmba_29 xmba class 29
Xmba_30 xmba class 30
Xmba_31 xmba class 31
Xmba_32 xmba class 32
Xmba_33 xmba 33 class list
Xmba_34 Class 34 students and faculty list
Xmba_35 Executive Education communication
Xmba_36 Communication for xmba 36 courses
Xmba_37 Executive Education Class 37
Xmba_38 Executive MBA - Class 38
Xmba_39 Executive MBA Class 39
Xmba_40 Executive MBA class 40
Xmba_41 Executive MBA cohort communication
Zero-waste Zero Waste programs at DU

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